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Law Amendments Committee Submissions

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Bill Submitter
Tim Pratt
Jay Goldberg
Liberal Caucus
NDP Caucus

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Bill Submitter
Sean Gadon
Bert Seely
Mary Lynne MacKay
Jennifer Scott (Dexter)
Raymond Grady
Monica Sontrop
Sherri Bonnell
James Mackintosh
Abigail Spicer
NDP Caucus/Defeated
Ben Higham
Todd Khattar
Chad Agombar
Patrick Korhonen
William A. Digdon
James Bunting
Wolfgang Lorenz
Lesley Baker
Paul Hughes
Marian R. Cameron
Colindale Business Solutions - Damian MacInnis, President and CEO
Michael Sullivan
David Richardson
John P. Curry
Geoffrey de Gannes
Amanda Paige
Ron Patterson
Jeremy Downe
Deborah Prenger
Bruce and Frances Purdy
J. Robert Giffin
Charles Fraser
David Richardson
Roger Roome
Robin Nicholas

Monday, April 18, 2022

Bill Submitter
Andy Gross
Rachel Tupper
Charlie Allred
Judith Shane
Teri Dunn Chace
Maggie MacKenzie
Henry Muggah
David Denton
Robert Drolet
Brien Fraser

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Bill Submitter
Dan Tonner
Renée Clark

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Bill Submitter
John Duckworth
Joel Brown and Shelley MacKinnon

Friday, April 15, 2022

Bill Submitter
Amelia Howard Vance
ViewPoint Realty Ltd. - Carmel Avery-MacDonald, Sales Associate
David Way
Jean Carr
Mark Williams
Keller Williams Select Realty - Anita Chaput, Realtor
Isabelle Laforest-Ouimet
Jeff and Cora Nelson

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Bill Submitter
Robert Meyer
Nancy LeBlanc
Leslie White
Stephen Acker
Bente Genereux
Libby Cassidy
RE/MAX nova - John Linders
Steve Whynot
Harry and Cyndi Stackhouse
Kimberly Gillies
Janice Moreside
Steve Shapiro
Pilar Chapman and Robert Cash
Rob Watt
Nova Scotia Association of Realtors - Page Hoveling
Donna Hutchinson
Jean Anderson
Garth Christie
John MacRitchie
Wayne Cameron
Robert Martell
RM Gray
Andy Nickerson
Beth Skerrett
Ford Clements
Cliff and Suzanne McKay
Doug White
Janet Cross and David Fairley
Derek Grout
Greg Nix
Carolyn Davis Stewart
Steve Cloutier
Scott McLeod, Michaela Becker, and Janet Becker (née Fraser)
Hans Böggild
Century 21 All Points - Lyndsay Hart, Realtor
Bosley Real Estate - Michael O'Brien, Sales Representative
Eleanor Wagner
John Erkkila
Jerry McPherson
Tom Murphy
Phil Clarke
Annapolis Valley Real Estate Group - MacKay Real Estate Ltd. - Jeff Pettigrew, Realtor
David L Wagner
Cindy Gaudet
RE/MAX South Shore Realty - Karsa Melnick
Tom Hoblitzell
Century 21 All Points - Sandra Johnson
Patrick Gaudet
Janet Murphy
Clarence Felderhof
Barbara Read
Margaret Brown
Royal Lepage Cumberland Realty - Rod Gilroy, Broker/Owner
Bert Powell
Maureen Grady
Sandra Munroe
Robert Helms
Duckworth Real Estate - John Duckworth
Deborah J Glenen
Glenn Roberts
Bud Greene
Martin Dowse
Eric Milledge
Paul Rodger
Natasha Boyce Bent
Ryan Hartlen
Florence Smith
Susannah Hoffman
Richard Brown
MacKay Real Estate Ltd. - Lawrence MacIsaac, Realtor
SRM Realty - Debbie Boudreau
Blinkhorn Real Estate Ltd. - Dave Jardine, Realtor
Viewpoint Realty Services Inc. - Matt Swain, Realtor
Tim Nicholas
Blinkhorn Real Estate Ltd. - Fred El-Haddad, Realtor
Yves Bourque and Mary Jane Noiles
Marc Kaplan
Virtira - Cynthia (Spraggs) Watson
Jay Abbass
Robert Emery
Marriotts Cove Association - Gerrie Masters, President
KW Select Realty - Helen Ross, Realtor
Barb Kennedy
Red Door Realty - Michele Vyge-Fraser, Associate Broker/Agent
RE/MAX South Shore Realty - Peter Reeves
McInnes Cooper - Bob Belliveau
Carrie Freeman
ENTER Realty Ltd - George McDaniel
Waterfront Law - Stephen Boyce
Yvon A. Lavallée and Noreen MacIntyre
Lorraine and Vaughan Wheaton
Jack Reid
Mark and Linda Northwood
Deborah Gauthier
David McVay

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Bill Submitter
Royal LePage Atlantic - Wayne Sanford
Farmers Markets of Nova Scotia - Justin Cantafio, Executive Director
Royal LePage Atlantic - Doug Mills, Realtor
Responsible Energy Action - Susan Adams
Hugh Harper
Ian Lightstone
Carol Alexander
Antigonish Coalition to End Poverty - Wyanne Sandler, Chair
Caroline Love
Francine Gingras
Engel & Völkers - Stefan Sieber, Real Estate Advisor
Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation - Bruce Chapman, General Manager
Tammy Hines
Cape Breton Realty - Glenna Arsenault, Realtor
A. Richard Glance
Neighbours Speak Up - Bill Stewart
Julia Creighton
John Hoyle
Dawn Bryan and Roger Brunet
Robert Cumming
Keller William Select Realty - Lindsay Clark, Realot
Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey - Blaire Gould, Executive Director
John Bain and Lynda Bottoms
Kristen Rudderham von Finkenstein
Exit Realty Town and Country - Monica Hersey
East Coast Environmental Law - Tina Northrup
Jeff Somerville
Dave Creber
Edwin Ricci and Gina France
Willa Wong and David Agro
POLYCORP Group of Companies - Peter P
Patricia McGowan and Dennis Carter
Leigh Downey
Kingsburgh Community Association - Debora Walsh
Royal LePage Atlantic - Brenda Wong, Realtor
Larry Hughes
Diane Bowering
David and Mary Hannah Johnson
Holly Leclercq
Royal LePage Atlantic - Jill Ritchie
RE/MAX Banner Real Estate - Lynn Zavitz, Realot
Ecology Action Centre - Gurprasad Gurumurthy
Alice and Normand Dupuis
Donalda MacBeath and Martin Mundry
Janet Becker
Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables
John Moore
Tom Eisenhauer
William and Kathy Rose
Bev Bennett
JC Power Solutions - James Corrigal, Owner/Operator
Sharon Frydendahl
Bill Morris
VALMAC Realty Ltd. - Sheila MacKinnon, Senior Real Estate Specialist
Ed Bewley
Ecology Action Centre - Gurprasad Gurumurthy
Mary Byrne
Pauletta Starr Bowie
Christina Smith
East Coast Environmental Law - Tina Northrup
Pink Larkin - Vince Calderhead
Jonathan Graham
Dale and Jocelyn Kelly
HLM Realities Limited - Roger Sanford, Realtor
Affordable Energy Coalition - Brian Gifford and Claire McNeil
Susan Chan
Mike Kennedy

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Bill Submitter
David Connolly
Engel & Völkers - Donna Harding
Michael Connolly
Paul M
George Cooper
Joe Hill
Melissa Phypers and Gilles Monvoisin
Kevin Lynch
Gillian Polk
Nicola Hubbard
Lois and David Mann
William Polk
Gretchen McCurty
Duckworth Real Estate - Piers Baker
Paul Dyer
R. Wheatley McDowell
Mike Jackson
Philip Mitchell
White Gate Inn & Restaurant Inc. - Nicola Boyd, Proprietor
Suzi Fraser
John Moore
Lisa Totman
Tom Boyne
David Freeman
Stephen Joyce
Bob and Sherry Kane
Kinburn Property Company Limited - Norman Whynot
Marky Kauffmann and Gordon Chase
James and Connie Wright
Tessa Mudford
Andy Gross

Monday, April 11, 2022

Bill Submitter
Clair Duff
Kathryn Morse
John and Kim Pattillo
Halifax Regional Municipality - Jacques Dubé, Chief Administrative Officer
Halifax Regional Municipality - Pam Lovelace, Deputy Mayor
Russell MacKinnon
Francesca Cox
David W. Pippy
Mary Ann McGrath
Anne Bennett and David Aucoin
Vivian Lyons
Ian Johnson
Joan Backman
Lauchlan Currie
Terry and Beth Hughes
Dr. Sara Filbee
Lynda Flinn
Sasha Torres
Kahtarina and Ralph Jost
Robert Vandenburg
John Budreski
Deborah and Michael Rosebrugh
Halifax Regional Municipality - Jacques Dubé, Chief Administrative Officer
Halifax Regional Municipality - Mike Savage, Mayor
Liz Yorke
Claudia and Rudolf Franz
Kortney Dunsby
Robert and Susan Young

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Bill Submitter
Pauline Landriault
Robert Bishop
Dalhousie Legal Aid - Claire McNeil

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Bill Submitter
Hugh and Linda Brown
Dan Moscovitch

Monday, April 4, 2022

Bill Submitter
Daniel Campbell
Office of the Information & Privacy Commissioner - Tricia Ralph, Commissioner
Olha Khaperska
Dalhousie University - Archibald Kaiser, Professor, Schulich School of Law and Department of Psychiatry
Sheila Wildeman

Monday, March 28, 2022

Bill Submitter
Larry Haiven, Independent Jewish Voices (Canada)
Victoria Levack

Monday, November 1, 2021

Bill Submitter
Pauline Raven
Bryan Wiens
Environment and Sustainability Standing Committee of the Environment and Sustainability Education Caucus - Karen McKendry
Halifax Regional Municipality - Jacques Cube, Chief Administrative Officer
Paul Pross
Urchin Property Management Inc. - Ursula Prossegger, President
Blomidon Naturalists Society - Caroline Beddoe, Coordinator
Halifax Regional Municipality - Mike Savage, Mayor
Amanda R. Knight
Nova Scotia College of Social Workers - Alec Stratford
Ecology Action Centre - Kortney Dunsby
Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia - Kevin Russell
Sierra Club of Canada - Tynette Deveaux and Gretchen Fitzgerald
Sam Austin
Nova Scotia Federation of Labour - Danny Cavanagh, President
Healthy Forest Coalition - Mike Lancaster
Mike Burgess
David Patriquin
Ecology Action Centre - Anika Riopel
Charles Williams
The Deanery Project - Kim Thompson, Executive Director
Liberal Caucus
EfficiencyOne - Stephen MacDonald, President and CEO
Lindsay Lee
NDP Caucus
For our Kids Nova Scotia - Kim Fry
NovaMark Advisors - Mark Butler
Liberal Caucus
Canadian Federation of Students Nova Scotia - Khris Reppas
TIANS - Lisa Dahr
Green Party of Nova Scotia - Jo-Ann Roberts, Deputy Leader
NDP Caucus
School Strikes for Climate Halifax - Rae Steeves
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Kris Hunter, Program Director
Climate Emergency Unit - Emma Norton
Sandy Greenberg
Helga Guderley
East Coast Environmental Law - Tina Northrup
Nature Nova Scotia - Donna Crossland, Vice President
Ecology Action Centre - Marla MacLeod and Noreen Mabiza
Healthy Bays Network - Brian Muldoon
Nova Scotia Nature Trust - Bonnie Sutherland, Executive Director
Annapolis County Extinction Rebellion - Nina Newington
Kelly Schnare
Emily LeGrand
Council of Canadians - Angela Giles, Atlantic Regional Organizer
Lara Ryan Consulting - Lara Ryan
Albert Marshall
MacEachen Institute for Public Policy - Dalhousie University - Larry Hughes
Nova Scotia Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE NS) - Laurette Geldenhuys
Electrical Vehicle Association of Atlantic Canada (EVAAC) - Kurt Sampson and Kelsey Lane
Bicycle Nova Scotia - Alison Carlyle
Clean Ocean Action Committee - John Davis, Director
Hannah Wood
Affordable Energy Coalition - Brian Gifford, Chair
Sandra Phinney

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Bill Submitter
Karen L.H. Robinson
Dale Smith

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Bill Submitter
Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore - Wendy Watson Smith

Friday, October 29, 2021

Bill Submitter
CPAWS Nova Scotia - Caitlin Grady

Monday, October 25, 2021

Bill Submitter
Healthy Bays Network - Geoff Le Boutillier
Halifax Regional Municipality - Jacques Dubé, Chief Administrative Officer
Atlantic Salmon Federation - Chris Hunter, Program Director
East Coast Environmental Law - Lisa Mitchell, Executive Director
Ecology Action Centre - Simon Ryder-Burbidge
Association for the Preservation of the Eastern Shore - Wendy Watson Smith, President
Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia - Kevin Russell, Executive Director
Dalhousie Legal Aid - Mark Culligan
Dalhousie Legal Aid - Harry Critchley
Twin Bays Coalition - Derek Purcell

Monday, October 18, 2021

Bill Submitter
Bradley Verran
Neeta Kumar-Britten
Andrew Nicholson
Christina McKay/Elizabeth Cormier/Aarushi Patil
Catherine Dingle
Alison MacDonald
NSGEU - Jason MacLean, President
Zachary Ackerson
Sara Devanney
Cecil Smith
Wendy Driscoll
Cecelia Callaghan
Ben Sichel
Anna Benoit
Students Nova Scotia - Lydia Houck, Executive Director
Doris Robbins
Abigail Crossley
Canadian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia - Kris Reppas
Rob Smith
Jaxson Cormier
Kyra Campbell
Shawn Nicholson
Tammy Jakeman
Nicholas Harris
Elections Nova Scotia - Naomi Shelton, Director of Policy and Communications
Merydie Ross
CUPE Nova Scotia - Nan McFadgen, President
Nova Scotia Green Party - Jo-Ann Roberts, Co-President
Ruth Robert
Tim Houston, Premier
Molly Hurd
Liberal Caucus
Nova Scotia Teachers Union - Paul Wozney, President
Nicholas d'Entremont
CIVIX - Taylor Gunn, President and CEO

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Bill Submitter
John LeDuc
Francene Cosman
Leigh Muething

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Bill Submitter
Friends of the Halifax Common - David Garrett and Alan Ruffman, Co-Chairs
Vince Calderhead

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Bill Submitter
Ian Johnson and Olga Milosevich

Monday, April 12, 2021

Bill Submitter
MCC Energy Strategies Inc. - Burce McCulloch, Energy Efficiency Consultant
Canadian Renewable Energy Association - Nicholas Gall, Director - Distributed Resources
Natural Forces Solar - Roby Douglas, Vice President
NSGEU - Jason MacLean, President
Emma Langille
Killam Apartment REIT - Andrew Kent, Director - Developments
Polycorp - Peter Polley

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Bill Submitter
Kerry and Cathy Croft
Lawrence Barron

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Bill Submitter
Nelson Brian Douglas
Makaira Holdings - Bertrand Bouchard

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Bill Submitter
Frank Eckhardt

Friday, April 2, 2021

Bill Submitter
Xavier Redden

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Bill Submitter
Linda Geddes
Municipality of the District of Yarmouth - John Cunningham, Warden

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Bill Submitter
Michele Raymond
Donald White
Byron Aucoin
Christina Davis
Municipality of the County of Antigonish - Owen McCarron, Warden

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Bill Submitter
Municipality of Clare - Yvonne LeBlanc, Deputy Warden
Gary Cameron
David Cameron
Municipality of Barrington - Eddie Nickerson, Warden

Monday, March 29, 2021

Bill Submitter
Glenn Grant
Dorothy Moores
Greg Cosman
Jane Sim
Andrew Glencross
Fred Campaigne
Russ Donohoe
Veryan Haysom
Vernon Martell
Barrie MacGregor
Municipality of the County of Antigonish - Owen McCarron, Warden
Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council - Kristen Noel, Project Coordinator
Brent Cosgrove
Jodie Malinen
Bill 4 Reprinted with changes recommended to the Law Amendments Committee
Lindsay Lee
Franz Fraitzl
David Cameron
Jason Stewart
Franz Fraitzl
Russ Donohoe
Paul Pross
Russell Prime
Karen Beazley
Adam Malcolm
Brian Budden
Dale Smith
Debbie Reeves
Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi kmaw Chiefs - Deborah Robinson, Lead Chief for the Government Portfolio
Mike Lancaster
Patricia Egli
Meredith O Hara
Christina Lazier
Dominick Mirabile

Sunday, March 28, 2021

Bill Submitter
Jamie Lewis
Aaron Kearley
Cynthia Cunningham
Carolyn Pineau
Jamie Lutz
East Coast Environmental Law - Lisa Mitchell, Executive Director
Jamie Lutz
Martha Brown
Clifford Jardine
Wayne Pelly
Destiny White
Christian Thibaudeau
Heather Fraser
Arthur Baillie
Tamara Muir
Joe Chiasson
Gordon McCabe

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Bill Submitter
Jim Currie
Darrell Dorey
Shawn Goreham
Rupert Clark
Shawn Rawding
Ecology Action Centre and East Coast Environmental Law
Pamela Lawlor
Seven Gulches Forest Products - Peter Spicer

Friday, March 26, 2021

Bill Submitter
Judy Parsons
Rebecca Ernst
Bruce Stewart
Donald Scallion
Tufts Forestry Services - Paul Tufts, President
Mathew Buckler
School for Resource and Environmental Studies, Dalhousie University - Dr. Michelle Adams and Karen Beazley
Wayland Allbright

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Bill Submitter
Scott Salter
Danny Clifton
Sherry Baker
Robert Yeo
Eddie Mac Millan
John Lewis

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Bill Submitter
Beverly Hawksworth
Tammy Hawksworth
Blair Maclean
Peter Taylor
John Forget
Nick Martinello
Mike O Connell
Sarah Witherell
Valerie Hayward
Shirley Dixon
Gary Cameron
Josh Jedriak
Gary Mullaly

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bill Submitter
Bruce Wiggins
Dan Dean
Mike Maynard
Canadian Veterans Off-Road Riders - Shawn Beaulieu
Canadian Federation of Forest Owners
Amanda Loney
Alison MacLean
Michelle Tingley

Monday, March 22, 2021

Bill Submitter
John Leslie
Terina Oakley
Michael Whynot
Jeff Comeau
Crystal Inness
Paige Doyle
Patrick Greek
Charles Cosman
Diane Wareham

Sunday, March 21, 2021

Bill Submitter
Blake Rafuse
William Giusti
Cliff Drysdale
Thomas Pauls
Jamie Fisher
Glen MacDonald
Ethan Molloy
Morgan Montgomery
Brandon MacDonald
Anne Marie Dalton
Bill Farrow

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bill Submitter
Terry Osborne
Spike Burge
Bridget Purcell
Russell Hamilton
Don and Kim Marshall
Joan and Greg Sutherland
Martime Diamond Drilling Ltd. - Andy Shand, President
Floyd Dirvin
Brian Hatton
Floyd Dirvin
Steve Critch
Sandra Spicer
Keith Helle
Melanie Roberts
Terry and Anne MacNeil
Tracey MacKenzie
John W. MacLeod

Friday, March 19, 2021

Bill Submitter
Alexander Feix
Harrison & Sons Ltd. - Roderick Harrison
Vicki Conrad
Morgan Fraser
Brody Bonnell
Freeman Scalehouse - Jamie Maclean
Stewart Bezanson
Megan Stark
A. F. Theriault - Gilles Theriault, President
Conrad Philip
Kathy Young
Emily MacGregor
Janice Boudreau
Chris Wilber
Greg McCulloch
Danny and Diana Hirtle
Randolph DeMone

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Bill Submitter
Shamus Thomson
Bryce Thomson
Mike Moser
Kirk Wilkins
Rod Resch
Municipality of Pictou County - Brian Cullen, Chief Administrative Officer
Brandon Bonnell
Jonathan Sarson
Derick Canning
Allana Moore
Dana Hilchie
Brandon Goudey
West River Holsteins - Jack Thomson

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Bill Submitter
Kris Akin

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Bill Submitter
Paul Smith

Friday, March 6, 2020

Bill Submitter
Rebecca Fariah
Kevin Payne
Local Council of Women, Halifax - Sarah B. MacDonald, President
Community Homes Action Group - Wendy Lill, Chair
Sherry Bain
Mental Health and Addictions Program - IWK Health Centre - Sarah Blades, Prevention and Health Promotions Specialist
Canadian Vaping Association - Jody Watt
Rebecca Rose
Maureen McQuaid
Campaign Life Coalition Nova Scotia - Ruth Robert
We Need a Law - Tabitha Ewert
Gina Gratton
Kevin Ahern
Megan Boudreau
Catherine Dingle
Dr. Melissa Brooks
Kev Corbett
Nova Scotia College of Social Workers - Alec Stratford

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Bill Submitter
Conlan Hennigar
Vaping Advocacy and Education Project Inc. - Kellie Anne Forbes, Project Facilitator
Margaret Preston
Anthony Cecchetto
Melinda Crowe
Nova Scotia Cancer Care Programme - Dr. Drew Bethune, Senior Medical Director
Mental Health and Addictions Program - IWK Health Centre - Sarah Blades, Prevention and Health Promotion Specialist
Vapour Junkie Labs Ltd. - Jonathan Borelli
Della Aucoin
Nick Flynn
William Chappus
Caitlynne Hines
Canadian Cancer Society - Kelly Cull
Theresa Scratch
Elias Bitar
Paul Smith
Shauna Walker Young
PC Caucus
Doctors Nova Scotia - Dr. Gary Ernest
Vaping Industry Trade Association - Daniel David, President
Sherri Bain
Rights4Vapers - Sherwin Edwards
Smoke-Free Nova Scotia - Mohammed Al-Hamdani, Executive Director
Jody Watt
Rose Mary Buote
Leslie Townsend
Dvine Laboratories - Mike Meathrel, President
Eva Campbell
FOV Labs Inc. - Charles Byram, CEO and Founder

Monday, March 2, 2020

Bill Submitter
Canadian Solar Industries Association - Lyle Goldberg, Policy and Regulatory Affairs Manager
NDP Caucus

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Bill Submitter
Meagan Murphy

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bill Submitter
Sadie Beaton

Monday, October 28, 2019

Bill Submitter
Pictou County Injured Workers' Assocation - Mary Lloyd, President
Willa Fisher
Jessica Griffin
Mary Jean Chisholm
Cindy Littlefair
Anne Marie Conn
Karen McKendry
Susan J. Hauer
White Thunder
Betty Wright
Kate Pepler
Patricia Stoffyn
William Zimmerman
David Wimberly
Eric Burton
Jont Openheart
Tynette Deveaux
Jillian Tonet
Ecology Action Centre - Marla MacLeod, Managing Director
Kyra Gilbert
Caroline Beddle
Eva Evans
Emily LeGrand
Chrissy Goodwin
Jon Peirce
Margot Aldrich
Lindsey Reinhardt
Robert Adamson
Marjorie Stock
Council of Canadians - Robin Tress
Jennifer MacLatchy
Charles William
Jillian Oderkirk
Celes Davar
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Christine Saulnier, Nova Scotia Director
Alexander Vance
Joanne Light
Helga Guderley
Steven Wilton
St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association - Geoff LeBoutilier
David Patriquin
Kathrin Winkler
Dr. Niki Clark
Anne Stieger
Health Forest Coalition - Mike Lancaster, Co-ordinator
Justin Cantafio
Joan M. Smith
Andrea McIntyre
Duncan Ebata
Eleanor Kure
Seth Levinson
Kip McCurdy
Sarah OToole
Alisha Christie
Lisa Strickland-Clark
Emma Goulden
Selah Koile
Alisha Joudrey
Wendy Watson Smith
Kevin Smith
Ira Reinhardt Smith
Gavin Douglas
Lloyd Allan MacPherson
Ruth Waters
Darlene Gilbert
Nathan Brett
Nina Newington
Jen Hall
Tony Lohnes
Julia Sampson
Lillian Hougan-Veneema and Sophie Kent-Purcell
Riley Scanlan
Jess Frenette
Joan OKeefe
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
Shanni Bale
Jennifer Stotland
Donna Crossland
Stephanie Nicoletti
NDP Caucus
Fire Service Association of Nova Scotia - Jim Roper, Past President
Patrick Yancey
Green Party of Nova Scotia - Dr. Thomas Trappenberg
Soren Bondrup-Nielsen
Madeleine Putnam
East Coast Environmental Law

Friday, October 18, 2019

Bill Submitter
Monica Miller
Massage Therapists’ Association of Nova Scotia - Amy-Lynne Graves, President
Kelly Carrington
Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association - Joan Weir, Director, Health and Disability Benefits
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities - Waye Mason, Councillor
Halifax Regional Municipality - Mike Savage, Mayor
NSGEU - Jason MacLean, Director
Public Prosecution Service - Martin Herschorn, Q.C. , Director
Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union - Janet Hazelton, President,
Raymond Larkin, Q.C.
Nova Scotia Crown Attorneys’ Association - Paul Cavalluzzo
CUPE Nova Scotia - Nan McFadgen
Nova Scotia Teachers’ Union - Paul Wozney, President

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Bill Submitter
Information and Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia - Carmen Stuart
NDP Caucus
Elizabeth Frye Society - Darlene MacEachern
Municipality of East Hants - Michael Perry, Councillor
Societe acadienne de Clare - Evelyn LeBlanc-Joyce
La Societe Saint-Pierre - Lisette Aucoin-Bourgeois, Executive Director
La Picasse - Josette Marchand, Directrice generale
Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas - Luc d’Eon
Rejean Aucoin Avocat-Barrister Inc. - Rejean Aucoin
Halifax Chamber of Commerce - Patrick Sullivan, President and CEO
Jeremy Akerman
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
Cotter Oliver
Sustainable Marine Energy - Jason Hayman, Managing Director
Federation acadienne de la Nouvelle-Ecosse - Norbert LeBlanc, Executive Director
Marine Renewables Canada - Elisa Obermann, Executive Director
Silent Witness Nova Scotia - Dolly Mosher
Bay of Fundy Inshore Fisherman's Associattion - Colin Sproul
Leah Genge, Dr.
East Coast Prison Justice Society - Hanna Carson & Harry Critchley , Chair & Vice Chair
Patterson Law - Robert Pineo

Friday, October 11, 2019

Bill Submitter
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada - Isabelle Des Chênes, Executive Vice President

Monday, October 7, 2019

Bill Submitter
Ecology Action Centre - Mark Butler
Canadian Plastic Industry Association - Joe Hruska, Vice President, Sustainability
Plastic Free Lunenburg - Jennifer Constable, Wilfred More, Theresa Quilty
Denturist Society of Nova Scotia - John Lilly, Vice President
Denturist Licensing Board of Nova Scotia - Maureen Hope, Registrar
Ryan Baxter
All Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia - Barry Barnet, Executive Director
Lays Lake Outdoor Association - Donnie Lushington, President
Nova Scotia Federation of Anglers and Hunters - Tony Rodgers
Roger Porter and Philip Connolly

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Bill Submitter
Alex Chisholm
Canadian Blood Services - Lindy Mclntyre, Director, Government Relations
Eric, Marilyn, Jonathan, Keith and Lily King
Cindy Ryan
Nena Nauss
NS Health Authority - Cynthis Isenor
NS Health Authority - Janet Gallant
NS Health Authority - Dr. Stephen Beed
Disability Rights Coalition - Claire McNeil
Benefits Reform Action Group - Tim Blades
S MacPherson

Monday, April 8, 2019

Bill Submitter
Merit Contractors Association of Nova Scotia - Heather Cruishanks, President
Jodi Brown
General Contractors Alliance of Canada - Durck deWinter, Chapter Chair
Nova Scotia College of Social Workers - Alec Stratford, Executive Director/Registrar
Atlantic Canadian Federation of Independent Business - Jordi Morgan, Vice President
Shawna Boudreau
Surety Association of Canada - Steven D. Ness, President
Patricia MacDonald
NSGEU - Jason MacLean, President
College of Registered Nurses Formation Team - Heather Totten & Teri Crawford & Marjorie Hickey
Doctors Nova Scotia - Dr. Mike Wadden
Nova Scotia Nurses Union - Janet Hazelton, President
College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia - Sue Smith, CEO, Transitional Executive Director
College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia - Charmaine McPherson, President
College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Nova Scotia - Jason Reeves, LPN
Doctors Nova Scotia - Tim Holland, President
Community Homes Action Group - Wendy Lill, Chair
Vince Calderhead
Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities - Waye Mason, President
Disability Rights Coalition - Barb Horner
Construction Association of Nova Scotia - Duncan Williams, President and CEO
Gayle Collicutt

Monday, March 25, 2019

Bill Submitter
Nova Scotia Presiding Justices of the Peace Associaion - Cynthia Chewter, Secretary
Debbie Reeves
Ecology Action Centre - Raymond Plourde, Wilderness Coordinator
East Coast Environmental Law - Lisa Mitchell, Executive Director
Forest Nova Scotia - Andrew Fedora, Board Member
Chinese Mystery Snail Project - Sarah Kingsbury
St. Margarets Bay Stewardship Association - Mike Lancaster
Healthy Forests Coalition - Jamie Simpson
Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute - Lief Helmer, Vice-chair
Canadian Association of Forest Owners - Christopher Lee, Managing Director
Nova Scotia Nature Trust - Ross Firth, Director of Conservation
East Coast Environmental Law - Mike Kofahl
Surfing Association of Nova Scotia - Jilian Morris, Coordinator
Marguerite Wade

Monday, March 11, 2019

Bill Submitter
William J. Stewart
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner - Catherine Tully, Information and Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia
Atlantic Central - Michael Leonard, CEO
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner - Catherine Tully, Information and Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
Michélè Raymond
Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities - Jeff Cantwell, Mayor, Town of Wolfville
NDP Caucus
Monk and Nun Interiors - Noelle McGough
Princes Inlet Retreat Limited - Steven Hebb, GM/Owner
Princes Inlet Retreat Limited - Steven Hebb, GM/Owner
Melissa Laforge
Dennis Campbell - Sean Buckland, CEO
Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia - Darlene Grant Fiander, President

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Bill Submitter
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture - Victor Oulton, President, Henry Vissers, Executive Director
Canadian Federation of Independent Business - Jordi Morgan, Vice President
Colin May
Insurance Bureau of Canada - Amanda Dean, Vice President (Atlantic)
College of Occupational Therapists of Nova Scotia - Jonathan Belbin, Registrar
Atlantic Collaborative on Injury Prevention - Jennifer Russell, Executive Director
Stewart Rand
Walk n Roll Halifax - Bill Campbell
Norm Collins
Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers Association - Mark A. Nantais, President
Martyn Williams
Nova Scotia Automobile Dealers Association - John Sutherland, Executive Vice President
Conrad LeLievre
MADD Canada - Susan MacAskill, Regional Manager (Atlantic)
NDP Caucus
Child Safety Link - Sandra Newton, Manager
Bicycle Nova Scotia - Ben Buckwold
Ecology Action Centre - Kelsey Lane

Monday, October 1, 2018

Bill Submitter
Municipality of the District of West Hants - Tanya Leopold, Councillor
Municipality of the District of West Hants - Abraham Zebian, Warden
Glenn Robinson
Alicia Smith
Richard Smith
Licensed Professional Planners Association of Nova Scotia (LPPANS) - Nathan Rogers
Ian Thornton
Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities - Jeff Cantwell, Mayor, Town of Wolfville
Rupert Jannasch
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
DeMont Family Funeral Home and Creation Service - Jonathan R. DeMont, Owner
Responsible Gambling Council in Toronto ON - Sue Birge
Jamie Juteau
Jon Kelly
PC Caucus
Casino Nova Scotia - Chris Roberts, Executive Director
PC Caucus
Town of Windsor - Anna Allen, Mayor
Town of Windsor - Louis Coultinho, Chief Administrative Officer
Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities - Jeff Cantwell, Mayor, Town of Wolfville
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture - Victor Oulton, Henry Vissers
Joanne Lowthers

Monday, September 24, 2018

Bill Submitter
Five Star Bailiff and Civil EnforcementServices - Richard Doyle
Gayle MacLean
Patti Christie
Rasilon Boxers - Geri Ganske
Wendy Knickle
Larry Parks
Grace Smith
Anne Whitney
Roberta Jamieson
William Rosbotham
Cindy Baker
Ronald Coit
Wyndenfog Kennels - Christine Graham
Winterwind Kigers - Kaitlin Knox
Lorna Smith
Joann Dnistransky
Kimberley Pennie, PhD, P.Ag
Doug Stallard
Sandra Bates
Chantelle Marshall
Lynda Graham
Marie Leloup
Pam Perry
Susan E. Smith
Dale MacMillan
Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association - Dr. Melissa Burgoyne, Past President
Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia - Kevin Russell, Executive Director
Cindy Bayers
Heather Cook
Donna D. Matheson
Rene Litalien
Marion Harper
Laurie Soutar
Dennis Sarnecki
Christine Remme
Gary Bennett
Heather MacLeod
Tamara Ciric Cox
Grace Harvie
Susan MacDonald
Brenda Potter
Henry Stern
Suzanne Herman
NDP Caucus
P and K MacDonald Funeral Home Limited - Peter K. MacDonald, Owner, Funeral Director and Embalmer
Carole Bernier
Kelly Marcoux
Nancy Haughn
Shawna Lea McGovern
Nancy Horn
Sheri Syms and Alex Forest
Vaughan Black
C.L. Curry Funeral Services Ltd. - W. Patrick Curry, President
George and Carole Bernier
David and Susan Crawford
Kaitlin McAloney
Suzanne Caillier
JoAnne Pringle
Heroncrest Kennel - Kristy Tedford
The Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada - Rachel Jesse, Correspondence Secretary
PC Caucus
Joan and Ivan MacLeod
Ladykin Old English Sheepdogs - Dr. Sandra Crowne and Dinko Cvitanovic
Healing Animal SCARS - Sonya Higgins
Catherine Carr
Cherry Prole
CJ Thompson
Olga Gagne
Margaret (Peggy) Lowe
Mabel Bingley
Pamela Ellis
White Aura Kennel - Jane Hill
Daniela Meier
Lynn Pulsifer
Wayne Thompson
Dawn Adams
Kathy Wilson
Allison Mair
Kristianne Delorme
June Hodgins
M. Darlene Miller
Seaswift Whippets - Melissa Richards
Dawn Tufts
Emily and Macall Robinson
Jan MacArthur
Sandra J. Malcolm
Cheryl Doucette
Debbie Homan
Bertie Nielson
Deborah Wipf
Judith Tulloch
Scott and Gina Peckford
Ross Michael Macfarlane
Lundi Blamey
Shirl McDonald
Bonnie Nelson
Devon Rockwell
Kathie Upton
Sue-Ellyn Rempel
Judy Burgoyne
Debra Boudreau
Al and Joanne Matheson
Joe Isley
Roland Bourque
Collette Saunders
Heather Vallance
Betty McGinley
Jennifer Anderson
Paula Boudreau
Theresa Franz
Elizabeth Jaworski
Suzanne Caillier
Mary Jane Sears
Mary Vaughan
Bonnie Richards
Government of Nova Scotia
Cathy MacKenzie
Gail Caudle
Catherine Fulton
Sandra Keller
Bett Nielsen
Joan Sinden
Shelley Veinot and Jackie Houle-Veinot
Andrew Fenton
Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police - Brenda Young, Superintendent
Ashlee Archibald
Jennifer Chase
Tempest Deptuch
M. McCarthy
Jo-Anne Nelhams
Alex Smith
Troy Whalen
Janice Wolff

Monday, September 17, 2018

Bill Submitter
Kaitlin Fraser
Marie Perron
Darrell Sutherland
Cindy Baker and Erin LeBlanc
Terry and Stephanie Horan
Mary Spinelli
Canadian Kennel Club - Lendra Barker, Director
Carolyn Houston
Dawn Beck
Halifax Kennel Club - Lee Steeves
East Coast Sighthound Association - Melissa Richards, President
Glooscap Kennel Club - Jean Trask, President
Christine Remme
Dawn Tufts
Grace Harvie
Christine Heartz
Donna LeBlanc
Jordan Paradis
Virginia MacLellan
Sue-Ellyn Rempel
Jeff Barsalou
Natasha Vaughan
David and Jenny Best
Erika Benvie
Kelly Marcoux
Deborah Glassman
Al and Joanne Matheson
Nova Scotia SPCA - Jo-Anne Landsburg
Shellie McLearn
Sandra Alexander
Tuxedo Part of Canada Cat Welfare Society - Dr. Hugh Chisholm, President
Lindsay Durant
David Wallbridge
Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture - Henry Vissers, Executive Director
Dar and Merv Benson
The Youth Project - Kate Shewan, Executive Director
Marie LeLoup
Cory Durant
Andrea McBeth
Danielle Perron Craig and Jonathan Craig
Lisa Dahr
NDP Caucus
Front N Scenter Canine Enterprises - Barbara Deg, Owner
Cindy Viner
Gayle MacLean
Beverly Stevens

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bill Submitter
Nova Scotia Government
PC Caucus
NDP Caucus
MaryAnn Gauvin
UNIFOR - Lana Payn, Atlantic Regional Director
PC Caucus
Government of Nova Scotia

Monday, April 9, 2018

Bill Submitter
Fédération acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (fane) - Ghislain Boudreau, President, Marie-Claude Rioux, Directrice generale
Cumberland County Municipal Alcohol & Cannabis Project - Angela Downey, Community Policing Officer
Fédération culturelle acadienne de la Nouvelle-Écosse (FeCANE) - Daniel Thériault, Directeur général
PC Caucus
Conseil Communautaire du Grand-Havre - Brenda Pickup, Présidente
La Société acadienne de Clare - MaryAnn Gauvin, Présidente
Sharon MacIntosh
Investment Property Owners Association of Nova Scotia - Kevin Russell, Executive Director
Lung Association ofNova Scotia (LANS) - Robert MacDonald, CEO and President, Mohammed Al-Hamdani, Director of Health Initiatives
Injury Free Nova Scotia - Shirley Burdock, Executive Director
IWK - Kate Johnston
PC Caucus
Fédération des femmes acadiennes de la Nouvelle-Écosse - Jean d'Entremont, Présidente
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
PC Caucus
Équipe d’alphabétisation Nouvelle-Écosse - Shirley Vigneault, Directrice générale
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
NDP Caucus
Regroupement des aînés de la Nouvelle-Écosse - George Cottreau, Président
Halifax Regional Municipality - John Traves, Counsel
Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology - Gordon Butler, Registrar
Association du Centre communautaire de la Rive-Sud - Daniel Beaudreau, Président
Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia - Todd Leader, President
Phyllis Price
La Société Saint-Pierre - Napoléon Chiasson, President
Jimmy Bray
Nova Scotia Health Authority - Dr. Ryan Sommers MD CCFP FRCPC(PHPM), Medical Officer of Health Northern Zone
Roy O’Donnell
Conseil acadien de Par-en-Bas (CAPEB) - Norbert LeBlanc, Président
Nova Scotia Health Authority - Bill Schurman, Chair, Northern Zone Community Health Boards
Brian Jessop

Monday, March 26, 2018

Bill Submitter
Cape Breton Reional Municipality - Cecil Clarke, Mayor
Strait Area Chamber of Commerce - Amanda Mombourquette, Executive Director
Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities - Geoff Stewart, President
Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq Chiefs - Chief Terrance Paul
Town of Antigonish - Laurie Boucher, Mayor
Port of Sydney Development Corporation - John Khattar, Q.C.
Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce - Michelle Wilson
Margaretta Sander
John Whalley
Paul Jenkinson
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce - Sheri Somerville, CEO
Lydia Jenkinson
Carpenters Local 1588 of Cape Breton - Joe Wilson, President
Carole Ferguson
Kathryn Anderson
Gregor Wilson
Municipality of the District of Guysborough - Warden Vernon Pitts
Muncipality of the County of Antigonish - Warden Owen McCarron
Eastern Strait Regional Enterprise Network (ESREN) - John Beaton , CEO

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bill Submitter
PC Caucus
NDP Caucus
Government of Nova Scotia
Government of Nova Scotia

Monday, March 5, 2018

Bill Submitter
Burton E. Matthews
Bill Swan
Crystal Isert
Trisha Munroe
Shaun Doyle
Kristin Hill
Grant Frost
Nova Scotia Government Employees Union - Jason MacLean, President
Theresa Pelley
Sue Jenkins
Patricia Finlay
Doug Read
Richelle MacLaughlin
Turk MacDonald
Government of Nova Scotia
Dave Wright
Halifax City Local NSTU - Ryan Lutes, President
Shelley Hersey
Cheryl Crocker
Rebecca Barker
Nova Scotia Association of Community Living - Charles MacDonald
Cynthia Bruce
Peter Day
Colleen Scott
Brian Forbes
Drew Moore
Suzy Hansen
Jennifer Raven
Cherie Abriel
Sabrina Fenyvesi
Janine Kerr
CUPE NS - Nan McFadgen, President
Cindy Littlefair
Theresa Griffin
NSTU - Liette Doucet, President
Susan McKay
Mary Knox
Heather Cummings
Linda MacKay
Nova Scotia School Boards Council Union - Grant Dart, Co-ordinator
Rachel Creasor
Roberta St-Pierre
Christy Linders
Cynthia Bruce, PhD
Shelley Morse
Marc Breaugh
Doug Gillis
Dr. Paul Bennett
Marilyn More
Nancie de la Chevotiere
Colleen Dafoe
Alicia Howell
Ian Kent
Andrea Heans
Richard Starr
Karen MacSweeney
Michael Diabo
Joanne Currie
Nova Scotia Federation of Labour - Danny Cavanagh, President
Pat Savage
Kerri Venoit
Emily Draper
Sheila Wildeman
Archy Beals
Angela Hayes
Andrea Heans
Marcy Clark
Lisa Morgan
Mary Atkinson
Melanie Kennedy
Tammy Cox Jardine
Paul Wozney
Adrianna MacKinnon
Ian Johnson & Olga Milosevich
Pamela Lovelace
Shawn Hanifen

Monday, October 23, 2017

Bill Submitter
Dr. A. Wayne MacKay, Professor Emeritus, Schullich School of Law
Dr. Dilruba Rahman
David Fraser
PC Caucus

Monday, October 16, 2017

Bill Submitter
Retail Council of Canada - Jim Cormier, Atlantic Director
Government of Nova Scotia
Professor Sheila Wildeman
Debra Fortune
Blair Smith
Community Homes Action Group - Wendy Lill
Shaun Watters
Sean O'Toole
Charlie Macdonald
Kevin Johnson
Institute for Research & Development on Inclusion in Society (IRIS) - Michael Bach, Director
Rachel Barbour
Brenda Webb
Terry Chapman
Darrell Webb
Ecology Action Centre - Stephen Thomas, Energy Campaign Coordinator
People First Nova Scotia - Dave Kent, President
Affordable Energy Coalition - Brian Gifford, Chair
Nova Scotia Association for Community Living
Roswall Incorporated - Daniel P. Roscoe, P. Eng, Partner
Archibald Kaiser
Flora Doehler
Canadian Association for Community Living
Veronica Murray
Jamie MacNeil
Kim Tetreault
Nova Scotia Nurses' Union - Janet Hazelton, President
Quentin Herritt
NSGEU - Jason MacLean, President
Government of Nova Scotia
Pictou County Injured Workers Association - Mary Lloyd, Larry Maloney
Eunice Abaga
Micah MacIsaac
Nancy Laphen

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bill Submitter
Beech Tree Academy - Christopher Morash
Allison Garber
Carly Sutherland
Nikki Jamieson
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Christine Saulnier, PhD, Nova Scotia Director, Tammy Findlay, PhD, Associate Professor, Political and Canadian Studies, MSVU, and Research Associate
Sabrina Fenyvesi

Monday, April 24, 2017

Bill Submitter
Bill 59 Reprinted with changes recommended to the Law Amendments Committee - Minister of Justice

Friday, March 3, 2017

Bill Submitter
Autism Nova Scotia - Melissa Myers, Respite Coordinator
Motion - Alfie MacLeod, MLA - Sydney River-Mira-Louisbourg
Bill 59 Community Alliance
David Daniels
Sheila Wildeman
Halifax, Nova Scotia Down Syndrome Society - Will Brewer, Representative
Allison Brewer
Retail Council of Canada - Jim Cormier, Atlantic Director
Canadian Federation of Independent Business - Jordi Morgan, Vice President, Atlantic
reachAbility Association - Tova Sherman, CEO
MS Society of Canada, Atlantic Division - Ben Davis, President
Restaurants Canada - Luc Erjavec
Holley Grant

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bill Submitter
Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities - Claredon Robichaud, Chair
Kevin Kehoe
Nova Scotia Disability Partnerships - Steven Estey, Co-Chair
Easter Seals Nova Scotia - Hank van Leeuwen, President and CEO
Le Transport de Clare - Trudy Bengivenni, Vice President
Kathleen Jacques
Jane Warren
Anne Camozzi
Barry Abbott
Deafness Advocacy Association of Nova Scotia - Elliott Richman, Assistant Director of Deaf Outreach
Bill 59 Community Alliance
Nova Scotia Disabled Persons Commission - Brian Tapper, Chair
Society of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nova Scotians - Frank O'Sullivan, Executive Director
Antigonish Community Transit - Dale Bogle
March of Dimes Canada - Sue Uteck
Mary MacDonald
Archibald Kaiser
Robin Gushue
Marcellina Shwery-Stanley
Autism Nova Scotia - Cynthia Carroll, Executive Director
Nova Scotia Advisory Commission on AIDS - Michelle Proctor-Simms, Director
Jim McDermott
Gerry Post
Emily Duffett
Maritime Assocation of Professional Sign Language Interpreters - Brenna D'Arcy, President
Patricia Gates
Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association - Ethan Kohn, Councel
Paul Vienneau
Agnieszka Hayes
Parker Donham
Maurice Mandale
Amy Parsons
Cape Breton Regional Municipality Accessiblity Act Review Committee - Malcolm Gillis, Director of Planning
Dorothy Kitchen
James McGregor Stewart Society - Warren Reed

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bill Submitter
Nova Scotia Nurses' Union - Christine Van Zoost, Vice-President
Brent Fraser
Shelley Hersey
Ailish Sullivan
G. Finlayson
Patricia George-Zwicker
Brent Adams
Andrea Lantz
Helen Castonguay
Michelle Myers
Lindsay May
Cheryl Crocker
Karen McSweeney
Turk MacDonald
Kerin Martin
Clark Swimm
Ian Johnson, Olga Milosevich
Maggie Barnhill
Suzanne Mckenzie
Mark Culligan
Daniel T. Bartie
Christine L. Bullock
Scott Sullivan
Kate Smith
Barb Burns-Bahadur
Ian Johnson
Allister Waden
Sabrina Fenyvesi
Harold Doucette
Madonna Sampson
Todd Van Ritchie
Shane MacLeod
Brian Mrezar
Lindsay MacLellan, Teacher, Elizabeth Sutherland School
Tara Warren
Allison Stewart
Lavonah Madden
Roy Francis
Dale Fawthrop
Canadian Union of Public Employees, Nova Scotia Division - Nan McFadgen, President
Tara Arseneau
Ferne MacLennan
Jill Kimberley
Sarah Offman
Janice Léger-Mackendrick
Sherry Williams
Laura Emily
Heather Coates Jones
Cyndi Jennings
Holly M Laventure
Erin Hart-Breen
David Fletcher
Tina Roberts-Jeffers
Ron MacIntosh
Dustin LindenSmith
Achilles Huczel
Tracy MacDonald
Molly Hurd
Michael Oddy
Renee Curry
Jennifer Carroll
Robyn Brown
Shelley Rigby
Lucy and Cameron Lamond
Leo Donovan
Sonya Taggart
Lori MacKinnon
Peter Day
Darlene Bereta
Matthew Murphy
Grant Dart
Wanda Leese
Vikki Priddle
Matt Boudreau
Melanie Duffy
Andrea Heans
Melissa Walsh
Helene D'Entremont
Peggy Weaver
Lael Radkey
Timothy MacLeod
Stephanie Walsh
Hope Lemoine
Shawn Hanifen
David VanDeMoortele
Bonnie Hickey
Andrew McCara
Lisa Chance
Jackie Swaine
Roberta St-Pierre
Sarah Wellwood
Rosemary Manning
Anne LeBlanc
Jodi Asbell-Clarke
Judy Haiven
Rana Zaman
Ron Nugent
Christina Giuliani
Tricia Schmeisser
Faye Joudrey
Brenda J. LaPierre
Sara Adams
Dale Schimpf
Mary Cobb
Tina Broderick
Denise MacPherson
Bruce McCulloch
Bill Murphy
Colleen Scott
Bill Swan
Heather Boucher
Danica Laking
Christine Daniels
Catherine Bouliane, Principal, Sambro Elementary School
Trisha Munroe
H. Teresa L. d'Entremont
Frankie Cooke
Kelly Banks
Krista Lunn
Vanessa Turner
Leigh Muething
Susan Larivière Jenkins
Chris Doiron
Dan MacDonald
Paul Wozney
Holly Didsbury
Michelle Talbot
Carol McKay
Chad Tetford
Audrey McGowan
Haley Marchand
Laura Jessome
Seana Blanchard
Joey Maclsaac
Pamela McDormand
Keri Butler
Shelley Morse
Lori Walton
Cheryl Clarke
Julia McInnes
Sherry Hynes-Ryan
Keri Chandler
Robyn Cobean
Greg Sutherland
Bev Young
Trevor Dimoff
Aaron Peck
John Walker
Angela Deagle
Alan Joyce
Ken Marchand
Becka Barker
Susan Zurawski
Andrea O'Neil
Catherine McCarthy
Rachel Ross Mantley
Susan C. McKay
Anne Gosney
Pearl West
Anne E. LeBlanc
Nancy Doyle
Canadian Union of Public Employees - Carol Ferguson, Research Representative
Wally Fiander
Katrina MacLean
Joanne Treen
Janet Briggs
Katelyn Campbell
S. J. Hauer
Murray Metherall
Patricia McBurnie
Carol Cooper
Jenn MacLean
Cherie Abriel
Larry Haiven
Sean Gibson
Devin Ashley
Michelle Talbot
Nicole Whiteway
A.G. MacRae
Peter Himmelman
Ben Boudreau
Jennifer Trites
Phil Cousins
Lloyd Taggart
Paul Lenarczyk
Crystal Isart
Brian Forbes
Theresa Pelley
Kelly Cooper
Heather Condon-Neatt
Tracy MacKay
Ted Atkinson
Joanne Hart
Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers - Marc Lamoureux, President
Stacey Rudderham
Elizabeth Greene
Jean Cameron
Todd Pellerine
Danerra Spears
Linda MacNeil
Shelly Bembridge
NSGEU - Sandra Mullen, First Vice-President
Michael Diabo
Joanna Keith
Sharon O'Connor
Selena Reid
Robert Frame
Angela Hayes
Johanna Calder
Char Pedersen
Jennifer McKeane

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bill Submitter
Jonathan Church
William King
Rena Churchill
Angela Thornhill
Michael Hagenbuch
Natalie Underhill
Nancie de la Chevoterie
Christina Cameron
Jessica Attwater
Melissa Lively
Tammy Waldron
Nova Scotia Teachers' Union - Joan Ling, Executive Director
Cynthia Rigby
Jennifer Kanaski
Government of Nova Scotia
Chris Parsons
Amanda Winsor
Nova Scotia Teachers' Union - Liette Doucet, President
Kyle Sarka
Tina Drapeau
Wallace Andrew Gosney
Shelley Machum
Mairi Parr
Ben Hill
Jeff Piercey
Julia Woodman
Tom Machell
Therese Boudreau
MaKenzie Donnelly
Bernadette McIntosh
Joy Laking
Miranda King
Sue Linton
Margaret Sadler
Mallory Shemshadi
Leah Unicomb
Leisa Cameron
Sharon Baker
Emma Fitzgerald
Alexis Allen
Allison MacLeod
Sandra Smallwood
Drew Moore
Cindy-lee MacLean
Amy Dubois
A Nova Scotia Teacher

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bill Submitter
Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association - Karla Nicholson, Executive Director
North End Business Association - Patricia Cuttell, Executive Director
Government of Nova Scotia

Monday, November 7, 2016

Bill Submitter
Parker Donham
Nova Scotia League for Equal Opportunities - Claredon Robichaud, Chair
North End Business Association - Patricia Cuttell, Executive Director
The James McGregor Stewart Society - Warren Reed, Spokesman
Andrew Murphy
Wendy Lill
Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association - Karla Nicholson, Executive Director
Spring Garden Area Business Association - Juanita Spencer, Executive Director
Halifax Regional Municipality - Bruce Fisher
Downtown Halifax Business Commission - Paul MacKinnon, Executive Director
H. Archibald Kaiser
Sheila Wildeman and Dianne Pothier
Paul Vienneau
Lois Miller
Barrier-free Nova Scotia and Canadian Council of the Blind - Pat Gates
Gerry Post
Barry Abbott
Ben Chisholm
NSGEU - Corinne Carey, Pension and Benefits Officer

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bill Submitter
<em>No submissions</em>

Monday, October 31, 2016

Bill Submitter
Polycorp - Peter Polley
Pamela Lovelace
Killam Properties - Jeremy Jackson
PC Caucus

Monday, May 16, 2016

Bill Submitter
CUPE Nova Scotia - Nan McFadgen, President
Cathy Driscoll
Young Avenue District Heritage Conservation Society - Alan North, Co-founder and Director
Ian Johnson, Olga Milosevich
Penelope Russell
Joanne Light
North End Business Association - Patricia Cuttell Busby, Executive Director
Patrick McGonigal
Quinpool Road Mainstreet District Association - Karla Nicholson, Executive Director
Allan Robertson
Andrew Murphy
Spring Garden Area Business Association - Juanita Spencer, Executive Director
Halifax Regional Municipality - Maggie MacDonald, Managing Director, of Government Relations
Gwendolyn Quigley Wilson
Downtown Halifax Business Commission - Paul McKinnon, Executive Director
Diana Hennessy
Tristan Cleveland
Dr. Iain C. Taylor
Michelle Champniss
PC Caucus
PC Caucus
Government of Nova Scotia
Government of Nova Scotia
Dianne Marshall
Wendy Scott
Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges - Judge David Walker, President
Park to Park Community Association - Pat Whitman, Chair
Canadian Bar Association Nova Scotia Branch - Dennis James, Q.C., Vice-President
Barry Copp

Monday, May 2, 2016

Bill Submitter
Paws Fur Thought - Lisa Partridge
Kevin Johnson
Mark Coffin
Government of Nova Scotia
Kim Kenney
PC Caucus
Government of Nova Scotia

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Bill Submitter
Nova Scotia Prospectors Association - John Wightman, Executive Director, Matt Abel, President
Halifax Regional Municipality - Linda Mosher, Councillor, District 9
Nova Scotia Crown Share Land Legacy Trust
Nova Scotia Nature Trust - Bonnie Sutherland, Executive Director, Peter Wright, Board Chair
Chris Field
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Nova Scotia Chapter - Martin Willison, President
Graham Smith
The Shaw Group Limited - Allan C. Shaw, CM, Chairman
Ecology Action Centre - Raymond Plourde, Wilderness Coordinator
Eastern Shore Forest Watch Association - Barbara Markovits
Stop the Fall River Quarry Group - Stacey Rudderham
Dusan Soudek
Mining Association of Nova Scotia - Sean Kirby, Executive Director, Rick Home, Board Member, Ian Palmeter, Board Member
Tom Herman
John Amirault, P.Eng.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Bill Submitter
Nature Conservancy of Canada - Craig Smith, NS Program Director
S.J. Hauer
Sierra Club Canada Foundation - Gretchen Fitzgerald, Chapter Director
William Zimmerman, P.Eng.
Atlantic Gold Corporation - Tim Bourque

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bill Submitter
Amy Graham
The Council of Canadians - Angela Giles, Atlantic Regional Organizer
Dorian Lang
Robert Tupper

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bill Submitter
David Burtt
Unifor/MWF Local 1 - David Ladouceur, Vice-President
Katrin MacPhee
Tara Davis
Yasemin Ugursal
Judy Haiven
Trish MacDonald
Nova Scotia Government Employees Union - Stephen Newson, Board Member
Jennifer Trites
Unifor - Lana Payne, Area Director
Therese Cordeau
Nick Farr
Cherie Abriel
Bev Strachan
CUPE Nova Scotia - Mike McNeil, President
Nancie de la Chevotière
Rosemarie Perry
Alexis Allen
Lori Root
Janet Berry
Kathy-Lee Brickenden
Paul Hagen
Nan McFadgen
Anne Lyons-Wetmore
Megan Moriarty
CUPE Local 1867 - Nova Scotia Highway Workers' Union - Steve Joy, President
Nova Scotia Nurse's Union - Janet Hazelton, President
Stephen Boyd, Karen Ramsay, Marie Williams
Susan Zurawski
Dean Tupper
Melanie Morrissey
Justin Woods
Dustin Rioux
C. Campbell
Rachel Barbour
Carla Bernier
Sonya Hughes
Government of Nova Scotia
Shelly Tonen
Brian Crawford
Preman Edwards
Susan Durdle
Kim Manthorne
Liane Bradbury
Barrett Lumber Co. - David Barrett
Shauna Dosman
Lee Anne Arsenault
Brian Forbes
Jamie Cleveland
Jason Laverie
Kathleen Roy
Halifax Chamber of Commerce - Robert Batherson, Chair of the Board
Canadian Federation Of Independent Business - Nick Langley
Raymond Larkin
James Clancey
Jennifer McKeane
Nova Scotia Government Employees Union - Jason MacLean, First Vice-President
Bianca Ridler
Chris DiLiberatore
Damian Hall
Lisa MacNutt
Shawn Hanifen
Jennifer Gravel
Rick Wiseman
Sebastian LaBelle
Christine Bullock
Nova Scotia Teachers Union - Mark Savoury, Dartmouth Local President
Dr. Andrew Knight
Kevin Lacey
Meg Ferguson
Carol McKay

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Bill Submitter
Chris Keleher
Nova Scotia Confederation of Labour - Danny Cavanagh, President
Jana Sly
Larry Haiven
Cindy Hall
Wallace Fiander
Joan Wood
Shauna Boudreau
Ron Mills
Dalhousie Student Union - John Hutton
Joanne MacNeil
Mary-Dan Johnston
CUPE Nova Scotia - Dianne Frittenburg, Secretary-Treasurer
Ian Johnson
Stefanie Conway
Nova Scotia Government Employees Union - Jason MacLean, First Vice-President, and Ian Johnson, Servicing Coordinator/Policy Analyst
Government of Nova Scotia
Karen Caldwell
Doctors Nova Scotia - Nancy MacCready-Williams
Patricia H. Strachan
Nova Scotia Teachers Union - Shelley Morse, President
Colleen Rector
Joan Ling
Government of Nova Scotia - Margaret Miller
Halifax-Dartmouth and District Labour Council - Kyle Buott, President
Carmilla Jarvis
David Etherington
Laura MacMillan
Keri Butler
Dale Russell
Nova Scotia Nurse&#039;s Union - Janet Hazelton, President
Holly Blinn
Drew Moore

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bill Submitter
Government of Nova Scotia

Monday, December 7, 2015

Bill Submitter
Scotian WindFields Inc. - Barry Zwicker, President
Survival Systems Holding Limited - Albert Bohemier
Michele Raymond
Segway Nova Scotia - Max Rastelli, Owner
Canadian Federation of Independent Business - Jordi Morgan, Vice-President, Atlantic
Government of Nova Scotia
Ecology Action Centre - Wayne Groszko, Renewable Energy Coordinator
Doctor Solar - Babak Farsi, Operations Manager

Friday, December 4, 2015

Bill Submitter
Government of Nova Scotia
Fundy Ocean Research Center for Energy (FORCE) - Tony Wright, General Manager
WWF - Canada - Sarah Saunders, Associate Specialist, Oceans
Fundy Tidal Inc. - Dana Morin, Director, Business Development
Chartered Professional Accountants of Nova Scotia - and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia - Bruce Densmore, Chair; Patricia Towler, CEO, Chartered Professional Accountants of Nova Scotia, and Joe Moore, Chair, Certified Management Accountants Association of Nova Scotia
Certified General Accountants of Nova Scotia - Debra Bower-Pinto, Vice-chair
Dalhousie Student Union - John Hutton
Doug McNeil, FCPA, FCGA

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Bill Submitter
Government of Nova Scotia
L&#039;Acadie Vineyards - Bruce Ewert, Pauline Scott, Owners
Government of Nova Scotia
Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia - Phil Pacey, Chair, Buildings-at-Risk Fund Committee
Government of Nova Scotia
Government of Nova Scotia
Government of Nova Scotia
Norm Collins, Crosswalk Safety Advocate
Walk &#039;n Roll Hfx - William Campbell

Monday, November 30, 2015

Bill Submitter
Segway Nova Scotia - Max Rastelli, Owner
All Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia - Barry Barnet, Executive Director
Margaret Herdman
Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia - Emily Tipton, President
Amherst Heritage Trust - Justin Helm, President & Founder
Devonian Coast Wineries Ltd. - Donna Sparkes, Co-owner
Clements Historical Society - Nora Tomlinson Peach, Member and Founding President
Nova Scotia Government Employees Union - Nichole McKim, Employee Relations Officer, Ian Johnson, Servicing Coordinator/Policy Analyst
Avondale Sky Winery - Stewart Creaser
Charlotte MacQuarrie
Halifax Cycling Coalition - Ben Wedge, Chair
Luckett Vineyards - Kim Hatcher, Vineyard Office Manager
Creighton Barrett
Halifax Cycling Coalition - Ben Wedge, Chair
The Gahan Brewery and Restaurant - Kevin Murphy, Owner
Andrea Arbic
Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia - Phil Pacey, Chair, Buildings-at-Risk Fund Committee
Dalhousie University - Jill Grant, School of Planning
Industrial Heritage Society of Nova Scotia - Rey de Boer, Member of the Board
Halifax Regional Municipality - Karen Brown, Senior Solicitor
Shannon Donovan
Adrian Morrison
Elizabeth Pacey
Schmidtville Stakeholders Committee - William Breckenridge, Vice Chair
Judith Fingard
Halifax South Downtown - Wayne Mason, Councillor, District 7
Jane Nicholson
Sandra L. Barss, Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Alan Parish
Peggy Cameron
PC Caucus
Injury Free Nova Scotia - Shirley Burdock
Jordan Zukowski
Government of Nova Scotia
Saint Mary's University - Todd Leader, Psychologist
Lystra Dayal-Gosine, MD, FRCSC Ophthalmology
Norm Collins, Crosswalk Safety Advocate
Kings County Museum - Bria Stokesbury, Curator
Dalhousie University - Rollie Thompson, Q.C., Schulich School of Law
Wendy Elliott

Monday, November 23, 2015

Bill Submitter
Nova Scotia Association of Social Workers - Kevin MacDougall, Sheila McKinnon-Oke and Ryan Baxter
David Wallbridge
International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 727 (IOUE) (Nova Scotia Paramedics Union) - Terry Chapman, Business Manager

Monday, November 16, 2015

Bill Submitter
Halifax Society for Children, Youth, and Families - Bob Parker, Chair
Dalhousie University - Rollie Thompson, Schulich School of Law
Canadian Mental Health Association - Kings County - Anne Pettigrew, Chair, Board of Directors
Cheryl Watson
Debbie Reimer
Federation of Foster Families of Nova Scotia - Debbie Thibault, Foster Allegation Support Worker and Coordinator of Training, and Denyse MacKenzie
Mark Charrier
Community Child Welfare Boards - Irene MacLeod, Acting Chair, Council of Chairs, Cyril Reid and Reverend Bill Newell
Women&#039;s Centres Connect - Georgia Barnwell, Coordinator
Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission - Shelly Hounsell Gray, Dartmouth office
Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission - Claire Lavasseur, Kentville office
Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission - Morgan Manzer, Halifax office
Transition House Association of Nova Scotia - Pamela Harrison, Provincial Coordinator
Sherry Killam
Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi&#039;kmaq Chiefs - Chief Paul J. Prosper, Lead Chief, Justice Portfolio
Don Urquhart
Sharon Cochrane
Community Society to End Poverty in Nova Scotia - Stella Lord, Ph.D., Coordinator

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bill Submitter
Acadia University - Carole Anne Janzen, Acadia Divinity College

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bill Submitter
Michael McPhee
Kely Lyons
Andrew Chandler
International Cinematographers Guild - Tim Storey, Associate Business Representative
Shelagh McCorry
Jenna Murphy
Anita Reilly McGee
Derek Filiatrault

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bill Submitter
Tania Gauvin
Henry Townsend
Bob Mann
Rob Riselli
Andy Smith
Jozel Bennet
Mary Lou Martin
Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Stewart
Frank Forrestall
Sandy Greenberg
Picture Plant Ltd - William D MacGillivray
Cailin O&#039;Neil
Catherine Boyd
Bernadette Serbu
Lisa Pattison
10 Year Old
Helen Cone
Rachel Filiatrault
Jacinte Armstrong
Karla Nicholson
Village Sound - Dave Anderson, President
Shannon Libby
Thom Fitzgerald
Ruby Boutilier
Shawn Duggan
Matt LIkely
Mark Pound
Tyler Veinot
Dale Willman
Collin Canning
Andrea McCulloch
Betsy Eldon
16 Year Old
Erin Oakes
Holly Foster
Matthew Lumley
Becka Barker
Natasha Roy
Jeff Bowes
Dylan Edwards
Vicki Grant
Rebecca Babcock
Final Hour Studios &amp; MacQueen Productions - Richard MacQueen, Producer
Megan Banning

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bill Submitter
Debbie Jonatanson
Kimberly Smith
Julia M. Wright
Jordan McMurray
Katrina Walsh
Shelly Thompson
Mike Hall
Bud Delaney
Rena M. Kossatz
Vertical Productions Inc. - Christopher Zimmer, Producer - CEO
British North American Pictures Inc. - Cindy D'Orsay, Managing Partner and Producer
Genevieve Steele
Kristin Arason
Robert Campbell
Keith McPhail
Jessica Murwin
Andre Pettigrew
Minister of Municipal Affairs
IATSE Local 849 - Gary Vermeir
Kyle Baker
Kristin Slaney
Jan Miller
Kristin Langille
Delinda Trudel
Zach Faye
Amanda Gallagher
Colin MacDonald
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives - Nova Scotia Office
Susan LeBlanc
Cathy Lynn Crosby
Shayna Fried
Todd Bishop
Sarah McCarthy
Megan Wennberg
92 films and shows shot in Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union - Robin MacLean, Acting Executive Director
Lesley Smith
Taylor Olson
Carolyn Gimian
Glen Lefchak
Alan MacLeod
Kyle Buott
Craig Ferguson
Jenna Murphy
Stacey Rudderham
Emlyn Murray
Scott Simpson
Carol Sinclair
Jason Buxton
Keith Currie