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Members of the House of Assembly receive an annual base salary. Members with additional responsibilities, including the speaker, premier, ministers and opposition party leaders, receive additional compensation as detailed in the table below.

Members with legislative roles, including committee chairs, House leaders, whips and caucus chairs, also receive additional payment for their work.

In addition to salaries and payments, members are entitled to certain allowances for specific expenses.

All salaries and payments are fully taxable.


Compensation Amount

MLA indemnity (salary)




Additional indemnity (salary)






Minister with portfolio


Minister without portfolio


Leader of the opposition


Deputy speaker


Leader of a recognized opposition party




Committee payments


Chair of the Public Accounts Committee


Chair of all other committees






Additional payments


House leader


Deputy house leader


House leader of the official opposition


Deputy house leader of the official opposition$5,253.000

House leader of a recognized party


Deputy house leader of a recognized party$5,253.00

Whip of each recognized party


Caucus chair of each recognized party