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Consolidated Public Statutes

Consolidated to December 31, 2022, except as otherwise indicated.

Most, if not all, of the current public statutes are listed below, whether or not proclaimed in force. A very few local and private statutes are included. The listed statutes are consolidated to the date indicated above (except as otherwise indicated below) unless spent, inoperative or unproclaimed and without regard to their constitutional validity. Amending statutes are separately listed if in force and not yet consolidated with the statutes they amend. Amendments not in force are not included and not separately listed. Repealed statutes are not listed. Links are included to all unproclaimed new public statutes from the 1995-96 and subsequent sessions (unless repealed, spent or inoperative).

NOTE - These electronic versions of the statutes are provided for your convenience and personal use only and may not be copied for the purpose of resale in this or any other form. Formatting of these electronic versions may differ from the official, printed versions. Where accuracy is critical, please consult official sources.

For all public, private and local statutes (including amending statutes) from the 1995-96 and subsequent sessions, whether or not repealed, spent or inoperative, refer to bills and statutes. They are not consolidated.

The Interpretation Act applies to all statutes.

NOTE ON SEARCHING - The consolidated public statutes search engine does not search statutes (1) marked with an asterisk, (2) labelled "not proclaimed in force" (in their entirety) or (3) labelled "not consolidated". Some of these can be separately searched using another search engine.


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