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Legislative Television and Broadcasting Services

What We Do

Legislative Television records and broadcasts debates of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, meetings of Legislative Committees and Commissions, and special events related to the legislature. Legislative Television staff are on hand for every sitting of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly and at meetings of Standing and Select Committees, where and whenever these take place, including when the House sits overnight.

Legislative Television staff operate, monitor, and maintain video and audio feeds from the legislative Chamber to produce a live broadcast. Audio or video of Committee meetings in the Red Chamber and the Committees Office meeting room are recorded on location. At times, Legislative Television will record events off-site when meetings take place at other locations.

Special events related to the House of Assembly are also recorded. These include the Speech from the Throne, swearing-in ceremonies, and other events such as Treaty Day.

Other Services

Legislative Television also provides audio and video production services for Members of the Legislative Assembly and government departments and agencies.

Copies of recordings are available with written permission from the Speaker of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.  Please refer to the Guidelines for Use.

Recorded audio of House and Committee proceedings is delivered to the Hansard Office for transcription.

How to Watch / Listen

Watch live broadcasts,  find the most recent recordings, or visit our media archive for older files.


The Manager of Legislative Television Broadcast and Recording Services is Mr. William Hirtle.



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