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The information contained on the Nova Scotia Legislature website is presented under the authority of the Office of the Speaker of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly. The copyright for material on this site is claimed by the Nova Scotia House of Assembly on behalf of, and rests with, the Crown in right of the Province of Nova Scotia, except for the text of the statutes, which the Province claims the exclusive right to publish.

Users of this site may download, display, print, and reproduce material on this site for non-commercial use only. Any publication for commercial purposes or financial gain must receive the approval of the Speaker or, in the case of the statutes, the Chief Legislative Counsel.

Some material on this site may be from a third party. In such cases, the site identifies the owner of the material. Requests to reproduce this material must be sought from that third party.

The Speaker’s Crest is reserved for official use by the Nova Scotia House of Assembly and may not be used for any other purpose.

Legislative TV 

There are restrictions on video use except for specific purposes - see full guidelines.

Written permission by the Speaker is required for all other usage. If you wish to obtain a recording, contact Legislative Television and Broadcasting Services