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Broadcast Archive

House of Assembly

Legislative Television Broadcast and Recording Services records and broadcasts proceedings of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly.

Question Period (QP)

Question Period occurs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and provides the opportunity for Nova Scotia MLAs to question ministers about happenings or responsibilities in their current portfolios. Effective fall 2019, separate Question Period video is no longer available.

Budget Address

The Budget Address is a statement by the Minister of Finance in which the Minister outlines, in general terms, the state of the province’s finances and the economic policies that the government will pursue during the next fiscal year.

Standing Committee on Health

The Standing Committee on Health considers matters of access to and delivery of health care services.

Standing Committee on Law Amendments

The Law Amendments Committee gives clause by clause consideration and hears representations from any interested persons or organizations about the contents of public bills referred to the Committee after the bills have received second reading in the House.

Standing Committee on Private and Local Bills

After Private and Local Bills have received second reading in the House of Assembly, the Standing Committee on Private and Local Bills gives them clause-by-clause consideration and hears representations about their contents from any interested people or organizations.

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Standing Committee on Public Accounts 

The Public Accounts Committee is established for the purpose of reviewing the public accounts, the annual report or other reports of the Auditor General, and any other financial matters respecting the public funds of the province.

Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs

The Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs is established for the purpose of considering matters pertaining to the Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Legion.

Special Events

Occasionally Province House hosts special events that are broadcasted by Legislative Television Broadcast and Recording Services.  These events are not legislative in nature.

Speech from the Throne

At the beginning of each new general assembly after a general election, and each new session after a prorogation, there is a ceremonial opening of the House, with the Lieutenant Governor delivering the Speech from the Throne.  The Speech from the Throne is written by the government and states the government’s program in very general terms.

Installation of the Lieutenant Governor

The installation of a new Lieutenant Governor involves a number of cermonial events, including the administration of the Oath of Allegiance by the Chief Justice of Nova Scotia (or his/her designate), the presentation of the Great Seal of the Province, which is then transferred to the Minister of Justice, and the presentation of the Royal Key.