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iCalendar Subscription

Subscribing to the Nova Scotia Legislature's official iCalendars:

You can subscribe to one of the Legislature's iCalendars with an application that is normally used for keeping track of appointments and events. Once subscribed, your personal calendar will be automatically updated with the latest changes to the Legislature's official calendar.

  1. Right-click on one of the following links:
    1. Official online calendar for the Nova Scotia Legislative Assembly
    2. Official online calendar for Nova Scotia's Legislative Committees
  2. Click to copy its address to your clipboard.
    1. Copy Shortcut (Internet Explorer)
    2. Copy Link Location (Mozilla Firefox)
    3. Copy Link (Google Chrome)
  3. Paste the copied address into your preferred calendar application to subscribe to the selected official calendar. See your preferred application below for detailed instructions for subscribing.
    1. Microsoft Outlook 2010
      • Select Calendar near the bottom of the left navigation pane, and select the Folder tab at the top of the window.
      • Click Open Calendar > From Internet and past the URL copied above. Click Okay > Yes to confirm subscription to updates.
    2. Google Calendar
      • In the Other calendars section of the left-hand pane, click the small arrow directly to the right of Other calendars.
      • Select Add by URL, and paste the URL copied above. Click Add Calendar.
      • Calendar events will now be displayed in Google Calendar, and updated automatically. Note that Google checks for changes about every 24 hours, and there is no way to manually refresh more often.
    3. iOS (iPhone or iPad)
      • Click Settings > Mail, contacts, calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar.
      • Paste or Type the URL of the calendar (, and click Next.
      • You may receive prompts relating to the server's identity, or asking if you want to proceed without SSL. As this calendar is available publicly and anonymously, SSL is not required, and you can safely proceed.
      • Click Next or Save when prompted.