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On retirement, members are entitled to receive a pension under the Members of the Legislative Assembly Plan, administered by the Nova Scotia Pension Services Corporation. The plan is governed by the Members’ Retiring Allowances Act.

A member must have two years of service to qualify for the pension. The qualification period is the same as the public service pension plan.

The first payment is prorated based on the retirement date.

Current members’ pension values as at December 31, 2016:


Per annum

Per month

Arab, Patricia$10,150.44$845.87
Baillie, James$36,512.76$3,042.73
Casey, Karen$58,898.16$4,908.18
Churchill, Zach$30,628.80$2,552.40
Colwell, Keith$78,650.28$6,554.19
d’Entremont, Chris$71,111.88$5,925.99
Delorey, Randy$15,729.48$1,310.79
Diab, Lena$15,729.48$1,310.79
Dunn, Patrick$25,140.92$2,095.16
Furey, Mark$15,729.48$1,310.79
Glavine, Leo$69,101.64$5,758.47
Harrison, William$10,150.44$845.87
Hines, Lloyd$12,725.40$1,060.45
Horne, William$10,150.44$845.87
Houston, Timothy$10,150.44$845.87
Ince, Robert$15,729.49$1,310.79
Irving, Keith$10,150.44$845.87
Jessome, Benjamin$10,150.44$845.87
Kousoulis, Labi$15,729.48$1,310.79
Lohnes-Croft, Suzanne$10,150.44$845.87
Lohr, John$10,150.44$845.87
MacFarlane, Karla$10,150.44$845.87
MacLellan, Geoffrey$30,628.80$2,552.40
MacLeod, Alfred$63,309.48$5,275.79
Maguire, Brendan$10,150.44$845.87
McNeil, Stephen$105,058.32$8,754.86
Miller, G Margaret$13,952.16$1,162.28
Murphy, Kevin$15,729.48$1,310.79
Orrell, Eddie$20,588.04$1,715.69
Porter, Chuck$42,896.76$3,574.73
Rankin, Iain$10,150.44$845.87
Regan, Kelly$39,930.36$3,327.53
Wilson, David A.$62,320.44$5,193.37
Wilson, Gordon$10,150.44$845.87
Zann, Lenore$29,511.48$2,459.29

Current Pension Values