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Barrier-free Constituency Offices

In 2013, the House of Assembly Management Commission revised and added regulations 18, 19 and 19A, which state all MLA constituency offices must be barrier-free.

  • New members elected in October 2013 had until October 18, 2014 to comply with the barrier-free regulations.
  • Re-elected members in October 2013 had until October 2016 to comply with the barrier-free regulations.
  • New members elected in May 2017 have until May 2018 to comply with the barrier-free regulations.

To be considered barrier-free, a constituency office must include accessible parking, washrooms, meeting space, doors, entrance and a barrier-free approach.

Members are required to submit a compliance plan indicating if their office is barrier-free. If the office is not barrier-free, an explanation and plan to address any deficiencies must be provided.

This chart indicates if a member’s office is barrier free. If the MLA has submitted a Compliance Plan you can click on the report and the scanned plan is shown.

NameConstituencyTimeline RequirementStatus as of
Oct 2020
If required, Compliance
Form Attached
Adams, BarbaraCole Harbour-Eastern PassageCompleteBarrier FreeN/A 
Arab, PatriciaFairview-Clayton ParkCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Bain, KeithVictoria-The LakesCompleteBarrier FreeN/A 
Burrill, GaryHalifax ChebuctoCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Casey, KarenColchester NorthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Chender, ClaudiaDartmouth SouthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Churchill, ZachYarmouthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Colwell, KeithPreston-DartmouthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Comer, BrianSydney River-Mira-LouisbourgCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Coombes, KendraCape Breton CentreNo Office YetNo Office YetN/A
Craig, SteveSackville-CobequidCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Delorey, RandyAntigonishCompleteNo audible AND visible alarms, door width is .5" short - waiver agreedCompliance Form attached
Diab, LenaHalifax ArmdaleCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
DiCostanzo, RafahClayton Park WestCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Dunn, PatrickPictou CentreCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Furey, MarkLunenburg WestCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Glavine, LeoKings WestCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Halman, TimDartmouth EastCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Harrison, LarryColchester-Musquodoboit ValleyCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Hines, LloydGuysborough-Eastern Shore-TracadieCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Horne, WilliamWaverley-Fall River-Beaver BankCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Houston, TimothyPictou EastCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Ince, TonyCole Harbour-Portland ValleyCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Irving, KeithKings SouthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Jessome, BenHammonds Plains-LucasvilleCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Johns, BradSackville-Beaver BankCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Kousoulis, LabiHalifax Citadel-Sable IslandCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Leblanc, ColtonArgyle-Barrington (Tusket Office)CompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Leblanc, ColtonArgyle-Barrington (Barrington Passage Office)CompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Leblanc, SusanDartmouth NorthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Lohnes-Croft, SuzanneLunenburgCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Lohr, JohnKings NorthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
MacFarlane, KarlaPictou WestCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
MacKay, HughChester-St. Margaret'sCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
MacLellan, GeoffGlace BayCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
MacMaster, AllanInvernessCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Maguire, BrendanHalifax AtlanticCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Masland, KimQueens-ShelburneCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
McNeil, StephenAnnapolisCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Miller, MargaretHants EastCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Mombourquette, DerekSydney-Whitney PierCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Murphy, KevinEastern ShoreCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Paon, AlanaCape Breton-RichmondReview May 2019Paving outstanding - waiver granted for max 12 monthsCompliance Form attached
Porter, ChuckHants WestCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Rankin, IainTimberlea-ProspectCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Regan, KellyBedfordCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Ritcey, DaveTruro-Bible Hill-Millbrook-Salmon RiverCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Roberts, LisaHalifax NeedhamCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Rushton, ToryCumberland SouthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Ryan, MurrayNorthside-WestmountCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Smith-McCrossin, ElizabethCumberland NorthCompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Wilson, Gordon LloydClare-Digby (Little Brook Office)CompleteBarrier FreeN/A
Wilson, Gordon LloydClare-Digby (Digby Office)CompleteBarrier FreeN/A