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House of Assembly Management Commission


The commission has eight voting members and one non-voting member:

  • Speaker (Chair)
  • Deputy Speaker
  • Government House Leader in the House of Assembly
  • Two additional members of the Government Caucus in the House of Assembly, only one of whom may be a member of the Executive Council
  • Official Opposition House Leader in the House of Assembly
  • Official Opposition caucus member
  • Other recognized parties’ caucus member
  • Chief Clerk (non-voting)

When a general assembly dissolves, a commission member continues to be a member of the House of Assembly, for the purposes of the Commission, until the day before a general election.

Purpose & responsibilities

The Commission is responsible for the financial stewardship of all public money approved by the House of Assembly for the use and operation of the Assembly. It is also responsible for all financial and administrative policy affecting the Assembly and its members, offices and staff.

The Commission specifically:

  • Monitors how the Assembly spends its budget
  • Reviews and approves Assembly office policies and procedures
  • Implements, reviews and updates Assembly office financial and management policies
  • Directs on the efficient and effective operation of Assembly offices
  • Makes regulations on the administration of member allowances and expenditures
  • Reports to the Assembly annually on its activities.

It ensures that:

  • Members expenses are posted online
  • The financial performance of the Assembly is reviewed
  • An annual financial audit of the Assembly accounts is completed
  • A compliance audit of Assembly accounts is completed
  • Assembly accounts and operations are disclosed for auditing purposes
  • Auditor recommendations are considered and addressed
  • An audit results report is submitted to the House.


The Commission is governed by the House of Assembly Management Commission Act. The Commission makes regulations under the act with the purpose of providing resources to members in fulfilling their public duties, to promote accountability and transparency in the spending of public funds, and to aid public understanding of how funds are spent in relation to members’ responsibilities.


All meetings are open to the public except those dealing with personnel, legal advice, litigation, or potential litigation matters or matters protected by privacy and data protection laws.


Hansard by date for the House of Assembly Management Commission
Approved Minutes by date of the House of Assembly Management Commission

Commission Members

Contact Information

James Charlton
Clerk's Office
1st Floor, Province House
PO Box 1617
Halifax, NS B3J 2Y3
Phone Number:
Fax Number: