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An Act to Promote and Preserve

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Multiculturalism Act. R.S., c. 294, s. 1.


2 In this Act,

(a) "Advisory Committee" means the Multiculturalism Advisory Committee established by this Act;

(b) "Cabinet Committee" means the Cabinet Committee on Multiculturalism established by this Act. R.S., c. 294, s. 2.


3 The purpose of this Act is to promote multiculturalism in the Province by

(a) encouraging recognition and acceptance of multiculturalism as an inherent feature of a pluralistic society;

(b) establishing a climate for harmonious relations among people of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds without sacrificing their distinctive cultural and ethnic identities;

(c) encouraging the continuation of a multicultural society as a mosaic of different ethnic groups and cultures. R.S., c. 294, s. 3.

Cabinet Committee on Multiculturalism

4 There is hereby established, under the direction of the Minister of Tourism and Culture, a Cabinet Committee on Multiculturalism composed of the Minister of Tourism and Culture, the Minister charged with the administration of the Human Rights Act and the Ministers of Education, Labour and Small Business Development. R.S., c. 294, s. 4.

Function of Committee

5 The function of the Cabinet Committee is to recommend to the Governor in Council, after consultation with the Advisory Committee, a comprehensive strategy for the purpose of carrying out the intent and purpose of this Act. R.S., c. 294, s. 5.

Powers of Committee

6 The Cabinet Committee may carry out such activities as are necessary or desirable in order to fulfill its function, including

(a) consulting and liaising with the Advisory Committee;

(b) conducting studies and investigations;

(c) issuing administrative directives to such ministers and to such departments, boards and agencies of the Province as it considers necessary for the purposes of this Act;

(d) advising the Governor in Council on matters relating to the promotion and preservation of multiculturalism as a distinct feature of Nova Scotia society. R.S., c. 294, s. 6.

Multiculturalism Advisory Committee

7 (1) The Governor in Council may appoint a Multiculturalism Advisory Committee consisting of such number of persons and representing such cultural and ethnic groups as the Governor in Council considers advisable to review policies, programs and activities that relate to multiculturalism and to make recommendations to the Cabinet Committee as to what policy initiatives should be taken, general directions should be followed and co-ordination is desirable, in the opinion of the Advisory Committee, to carry out the intent and purpose of this Act.


(2) The Governor in Council may appoint one of the members of the Advisory Committee to chair meetings of the Committee.

Remuneration and expenses

(3) A member of the Advisory Committee shall receive such remuneration as the Governor in Council may determine, and shall be reimbursed for reasonable expenses actually incurred in connection with the activities of the Committee.

Annual report

(4) The Advisory Committee shall make an annual report to the Cabinet Committee on the activities of the Advisory Committee for each year. R.S., c. 294, s. 7.

Administration expenses

8 The costs and expenses incurred in the administration of this Act, including the expenses of the Cabinet Committee and the remuneration and expenses of the Advisory Committee, shall be paid out of money appropriated by the Legislature for the Department of Tourism and Culture or, in the case of a minister of a department, out of money appropriated for that department. R.S., c. 294, s. 8.

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