Animal Health and Protection Act




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An Act Respecting
Animal Health and Protection

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Animal Health and Protection Act. R.S., c. 15, s. 1.


2 In this Act,

(a) "animal" means livestock, poultry and any other animal designated by the regulations;

(b) "livestock" means horses, cattle, sheep, swine, goats, rabbits, foxes, chinchilla and mink;

(c) "Minister" means the Minister of Agriculture and Marketing;

(d) "poultry" means domestic fowl and pigeons and includes any bird that is in captivity. R.S., c. 15, s. 2.

Supervision of Act

3 The Minister has the general supervision and management of this Act. R.S., c. 15, s. 3.


4 (1) Notwithstanding any other enactment, the Governor in Council may make such regulations as he deems necessary or expedient for the purpose of eradicating, preventing or controlling the spread of disease among animals in the Province and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, may make regulations

(a) providing that no person may have in his possession an animal infected with a disease;

(b) providing that no animal may be admitted into the Province without a certificate of the Food Protection and Inspection Branch of the Department of Agriculture (Canada), or of such other person as may be designated by regulation, as to the freedom of such animal from disease;

(c) providing the terms and conditions upon which any person may have in his possession at any time or times, an animal that the Minister deems likely to convey a disease to any other animal;

(d) providing for the treatment and method of treatment to be given to any animal or premises to eradicate, control or prevent the spread of a disease and the regulations may prescribe whether the treatment shall be given by the owner or by a person appointed for the purpose;

(e) providing for the treatment, prior to sale or disposal, of an animal infected or suspected of being infected with a disease;

(f) providing for the prohibition of the sale of any animal infected with a disease;

(g) providing that the owner of any animal which is infected with a disease and any veterinary who examines it, shall immediately notify the Minister in the manner prescribed;

(h) designating an area of a farm or establishment as a quarantine area;

(i) establishing quarantine areas in the Province;

(j) regulating or prohibiting the moving or transportation within the Province of an animal from or into any area established as a quarantine area;

(k) providing for the segregation or destruction and disposal of an animal infected with a disease;

(l) providing for the entry upon and inspection for the purposes of this Act of any premises and of any animal found thereon;

(m) providing for payment by the owner of an animal of the expense of any treatment required by the regulations;

(n) notwithstanding any other enactment, designating animals or classes thereof and the diseases to which this Act and the regulations apply;

(o) defining any word or phrase used herein and not defined;

(p) generally, for any other matter or thing necessary or incidental to attaining the objects of this Act.

Application of regulations

(2) Any regulation made under this Act may be general or particular in its application and may apply to all or any part of the Province.

Regulations Act

(3) The exercise by the Governor in Council of the authority contained in this Section shall be regulations within the meaning of the Regulations Act. R.S., c. 15, s. 4.


5 (1) Such inspectors and other officials as are necessary for the administration of this Act and the regulations shall be appointed in accordance with the Civil Service Act.


(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), the Minister may engage upon such terms and conditions as he deems fit the services of such professional or technical persons and experts to advise him as he deems necessary for the efficient carrying out of this Act and the regulations. R.S., c. 15, s. 5.

Administration expenses

6 Expenses incurred pursuant to this Act shall be paid out of the Consolidated Fund of the Province. R.S., c. 15, s. 6.

Offence and penalty

7 Any person contravening or neglecting to carry out or offering any hindrance to the carrying out of this Act or the regulations is guilty of an offence and liable upon summary conviction to a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, and in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not exceeding sixty days. R.S., c. 15, s. 7.

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