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Of the Supreme Court of Canada
and the Exchequer Court of Canada

1 The Supreme Court of Canada, and the Exchequer Court of Canada, or the Supreme Court of Canada alone, according to the provisions of the Act of the Parliament of Canada, known as "The Supreme and Exchequer Court Act," shall have jurisdiction in the following cases, -

(a) Of controversies between the Dominion of Canada and this province;

(b) Of controversies between this province and any other province of the Dominion which has passed or hereafter passes an Act similar to this Chapter;

(c) Of suits, actions or proceedings in which the parties thereto by their pleadings have raised the question of the validity of an Act of the Parliament of Canada, or an Act of the legislature of this province, when in the opinion of a judge of the court in which such suit, action or proceeding is pending such question is material, and in such case the judge shall, at the request of the parties, and may, without such request, if he thinks fit, order the case to be removed to the Supreme Court of Canada, in order to the decision of such question. R.S., 1900, c. 154, s. 1.

2 If sittings of the Exchequer Court of Canada are appointed to be held in any city, town, or place in which a court house is situated, the judge presiding at any such sittings shall have in all respects the same authority as a judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia at nisi prius in regard to the use of the court house and other buildings or apartments set apart in the county for the administration of justice: Provided, however, that nothing in this section shall be construed to deprive the Supreme Court, or any county court of Nova Scotia, or any of the judges of the said courts, of the use and authority which the said court, and the judges thereof, have heretofore had and exercised of and over the court house and other buildings mentioned herein during any sittings of the said courts respectively. R.S., 1900, c. 154, s. 2.

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