Senior Citizens' Social Services Act




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An Act Respecting the Provision of
Social Services for Senior Citizens

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Senior Citizens' Social Services Act. R.S., c. 421, s. 1.



2 In this Act,

(a) "Commission" means the Nova Scotia Senior Citizens' Commission;

(b) "Minister" means the Minister of Community Services. R.S., c. 421, s. 2.


Nova Scotia Senior Citizens' Commission

3 (1) There shall be established a Commission to be known as the Nova Scotia Senior Citizens' Commission, composed of not fewer than ten members appointed by the Governor in Council, one of whom shall be designated Chairman and one of whom shall be designated Vice-chairman.

Term of office and re-appointment

(2) Each member of the Commission shall hold office for three years or for such lesser term as is prescribed by the appointment and, in any case, be eligible for re-appointment.


(3) A majority of the members of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the Commission. R.S., c. 421, s. 3.


Executive officer and Secretary

4 A person in the employ of the Department of Community Services may be designated by the Minister as the executive officer and Secretary of the Commission and shall

(a) keep and maintain the records of the Commission;

(b) provide stenographic and such other services as may be required by the Commission; and

(c) supervise any research or other projects undertaken by the Commission. R.S., c. 421, s. 4.


5 Staff required for the purposes of the Commission may be appointed by the Civil Service Commission with the approval of the Minister. R.S., c. 421, s. 5.


Function and powers of Commission

6 It shall be the function of the Commission and the Commission shall have power to

(a) conduct, direct and promote fact finding studies and research related to aging;

(b) seek out and encourage persons interested in providing voluntary services to citizen groups concerned with aging;

(c) promote new activities and social services for senior citizens through voluntary agencies and through all levels of Government as may be deemed appropriate;

(d) review existing legislation and Government programs and make recommendations as to how these may be improved to provide more adequate services for senior citizens;

(e) perform any duties assigned to the Commission by the Governor in Council or the Minister. R.S., c. 421, s. 6.

Powers of Minister

7 In order to accomplish the purposes of this Act and to implement the functions of the Commission, the Minister may

(a) make grants from departmental appropriations for the encouragement of citizen groups and voluntary organizations concerned with the problem of aging and in furthering the objectives of this Act;

(b) encourage organizations, institutions, the media and other interested groups in the dissemination of information respecting geriatrics and the problem of aging;

(c) enter into agreements with the municipal level of Government, where appropriate, for the establishment, administration and operation of programs designed to assist senior citizens and voluntary groups interested in working with and providing services for senior citizens. R.S., c. 421, s. 7.

Grants and gifts

8 (1) The Commission is authorized and empowered to solicit funds, to accept grants, gifts or bequests and to administer the same for the purposes of the Commission.

Conditions or trusts

(2) Where any such grant, gift or bequest is upon terms, conditions or trusts prescribed by the grantor, donor or testator, the Commission may execute any instrument required or necessary for carrying into effect those terms, conditions or trusts and, upon acceptance of the grant, gift or bequest, shall be bound by such terms, conditions, trusts and instruments and shall have power and be bound to fulfil and observe the same. R.S., c. 421, s. 8.

Acquisition of property

9 The Commission may, with the approval of the Governor in Council, acquire, by purchase, lease or otherwise, any land and buildings and any equipment, instruments, appliances and other materials and things as are necessary or advisable to carry out the purposes of this Act, and such land, buildings, equipment, instruments, appliances and other materials and things, when so acquired, shall be the property of Her Majesty in right of the Province. R.S., c. 421, s. 9.

Co-operation with organizations

10 The Commission is empowered to co-operate with the Canadian Association on Gerontology and such other national and international organizations as may be concerned with the provision of social services to senior citizens. R.S., c. 421, s. 10.

Program Consultant Panel

11 On the recommendation of the Minister, the Governor in Council may appoint a panel of senior citizens to be called the Program Consultant Panel to assist the Commission and the Minister in all matters relating to the provision of social services on behalf of senior citizens. R.S., c. 421, s. 11.


Powers on inquiry

12 For the purpose of making any inquiries with respect to its functions and powers, the Commission shall have all the powers of a commissioner appointed under the Public Inquiries Act. R.S., c. 421, s. 12.


Annual estimates

13 The Commission shall prepare for each fiscal year a budget estimating the expenditures of the Commission for that fiscal year and shall present the budget to the Minister for consideration as an integral part of the budget for the Department of Community Services. R.S., c. 421, s. 13.

Administration expenses

14 The cost, charges and expenses incurred in the administration of this Act may be paid out of funds appropriated therefor by the Legislature or from the Consolidated Fund. R.S., c. 421, s. 14.


15 The books of account and records of the Commission shall be subject to audit by the Auditor General. R.S., c. 421, s. 15.

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