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An Act Respecting a
Senior Citizens' Secretariat

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Senior Citizens' Secretariat Act. R.S., c. 420, s. 1.

Nova Scotia Senior Citizens' Secretariat

2 The Nova Scotia Senior Citizens' Secretariat, herein referred to as the "Secretariat", is hereby established. R.S., c. 420, s. 2.

Composition of Secretariat

3 (1) The Secretariat shall consist of

(a) the Minister of Community Services;

(b) the Minister of Health and Fitness;

(c) the Minister of Municipal Affairs;

(d) the Minister of Housing; and

(e) such other persons as may be determined from time to time by the Governor in Council.


(2) The Governor in Council shall designate one of the members of the Secretariat to be Chairman of the Secretariat.


(3) The Chairman and each member of the Secretariat shall be paid such travelling and living expenses incurred by them in the performance of their duties as are determined by the Governor in Council. R.S., c. 420, s. 3.

Object and purpose

4 The object and purpose of the Secretariat is to facilitate the planning and development of services and programs for senior citizens by

(a) co-ordinating plans, policies and programs presented by the departments of the Government; and

(b) developing plans, policies and programs for and with senior citizens in partnership with the Departments of Community Services, Health and Fitness and Municipal Affairs, the Minister of Housing, any other Government departments, the Nova Scotia Senior Citizens' Commission and voluntary senior citizens groups. R.S., c. 420, s. 4.

Eligibility of member of Assembly

5 The appointment to the Secretariat of a member of the House of Assembly, including a member of the Executive Council, shall not render such member of the Assembly or of the Executive Council ineligible or disqualified from sitting or voting in the Assembly by reason of being a member of the Secretariat and receiving remuneration or travelling or living expenses in respect to duties pertaining to the Secretariat or by reason of any dealings by the Secretariat with the Province. R.S., c. 420, s. 5.

Chief Administrative Officer

6 (1) The Governor in Council may appoint a person to be Chief Administrative Officer of the Secretariat.


(2) The Chief Administrative Officer shall be paid such remuneration as is determined by the Governor in Council.

Functions and duties

(3) The Chief Administrative Officer shall perform such functions and duties as are assigned to him by the Secretariat or the Governor in Council. R.S., c. 420, s. 6.


7 Any staff required for the purposes of the Secretariat may be appointed pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Service Act and that Act shall apply to the staff of the Secretariat. R.S., c. 420, s. 7.

Committees and delegation of authority

8 The Secretariat may establish such committees as it deems proper for the carrying out of its object and purpose and may delegate to such committees any of its powers, duties and functions. R.S., c. 420, s. 8.


9 (1) The Secretariat shall report from time to time to the Governor in Council and shall make an annual report to the Governor in Council on the activities of the Secretariat for each year.

Special report

(2) Where the Secretariat reviews, considers or inquires into any matter at the request or with the approval of the Governor in Council, the Secretariat shall make a report to the Governor in Council with respect to that matter at the conclusion of its deliberations. R.S., c. 420, s. 9.

Administration expenses

10 The costs, charges and expenses incurred in the administration of this Act may be paid out of funds appropriated therefor by the Legislature or from the Consolidated Fund. R.S., c. 420, s. 10.


11 (1) The Governor in Council may make regulations

(a) respecting the powers, duties and functions of the Secretariat;

(b) respecting the conduct of the business and affairs of the Secretariat;

(c) defining any word or expression used in this Act but not defined herein;

(d) respecting any matter or thing necessary or advisable for carrying out effectively the objects and purposes of this Act.

Regulations Act

(2) Regulations made pursuant to subsection (1) shall be regulations within the meaning of the Regulations Act. R.S., c. 420, s. 11.

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