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An Act to Provide for an
Economic Council in Nova Scotia

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Economic Council Act.

Economic Council

2 (1) The Governor in Council may appoint a Nova Scotia Economic Council, hereinafter referred to as the "Council", to consist of not more than fifteen members and shall designate one of the members so appointed to be the Chairman of the Council.


(2) A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum. R.S., 1954, c. 77, s. 1.

Appointment of officials

3 The Governor in Council may appoint a secretary to the Council and such other officials as may be deemed necessary for carrying out the duties of the Council. R.S., 1954, c. 77, s. 2.


4 The remuneration of the Chairman and of the other members of the Council shall be determined by the Governor in Council who shall likewise fix the salaries to be paid to the Secretary and other officials of the Council. R.S., 1954, c. 77, s. 3.

Powers, duties, functions

5 The powers, duties and functions of the Council shall be to

(a) advise the Governor in Council on all matters relating to the promotion and development of the industry and trade of the Province;

(b) provide for industrial research and co-ordinate as far as possible all industrial and scientific investigation;

(c) furnish advice with regard to the best methods of utilizing the natural resources of the Province;

(d) collect and arrange facts and statistics relating to the agricultural, industrial and other interests and resources of the Province, and adopt such measures for circulating and disseminating the same as may be found to be best adapted to promote the progress of the Province;

(e) co-operate with any council, board, bureau or agency established or to be established for like purposes or for purposes allied to those of the Council; and

(f) generally, make investigation of the possibilities of economic and industrial development in the Province with a view to making recommendations as to market extension, industrial expansion and increase of employment, and for any other purpose calculated to promote the social and economic development of the Province. R.S., 1954, c. 77, s. 4.

Further duty

6 The Council shall make such other investigations and conduct such other inquiries for the purposes of this Act in such manner as the Governor in Council may require and direct. R.S., 1954, c. 77, s. 5.

Powers, privileges, immunities

7 For the purpose of any investigation held pursuant to this Act, the Council shall in respect of the investigation have all powers, privileges and immunities conferred upon a commissioner appointed under the Public Inquiries Act. R.S., 1954, c. 77, s. 6.


8 The Council shall make to the Governor in Council an annual report of its transactions and shall from time to time make such other report or reports as the Governor in Council may require or direct. R.S., 1954, c. 77, s. 7.

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