Land Actions Venue Act




amended 1996, c. 23, ss. 14, 15

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An Act Respecting the Trial of Actions
Involving the Title to Land

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Land Actions Venue Act. R.S., c. 247, s. 1.

"justice centre area" defined

1A In this Act, "justice centre area" means a justice centre area established by the Minister of Justice pursuant to the Judicature Act. 1996, c. 23, s. 14.

Venue of action relating to land

2 All actions for trespass to lands or in which possession or recovery of lands is sought, and all actions in which the title to lands is in issue, shall, unless the court or a judge otherwise orders, be tried in the justice centre area in which the lands lie, and if the lands lie in more than one justice centre area, then in any of the justice centre areas in which any part of the lands lie. R.S., c. 247, s. 2; 1996, c. 23, s. 15.

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