Youth Secretariat Act




amended 2004, c. 18

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An Act to Facilitate
the Planning, Development and Delivery
of Services and Programs for Youth

title amended 2004, c. 18, s. 1.

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Youth Secretariat Act. R.S., c. 511, s. 1.

Nova Scotia Youth Secretariat

2 The Nova Scotia Youth Secretariat is hereby established. R.S., c. 511, s. 2.

Objects of Secretariat

3 The object and purpose of the Secretariat is to

(a) facilitate the planning, development and delivery of services and programs for youth;

(aa) heighten awareness of the needs and aspirations of youth;

(b) encourage persons and groups interested in providing voluntary services to youth;

(ba) consult with youth on matters that affect youth, including legislation, regulations, policy or programs;

(c) be responsive to the needs and concerns of youth by seeking feedback and advice regarding the improvement of youth programs and services from persons and groups interested in providing voluntary services to youth, by reviewing existing programs and services and by making recommendations as to how those programs and services may be made more responsive to the needs and aspirations of youth;

(d) to (f) repealed 2004, c. 18, s. 2.

(g) maintain a high public profile by publicizing programs and initiating a dialogue between youth and the Government. R.S., c. 511, s. 3; 2004, c. 18, s. 2.

Composition of and responsibility for Secretariat

4 (1) The Governor in Council shall assign responsibility for the Secretariat to a member of the Executive Council.

(2) The Secretariat consists of the member of the Executive Council referred to in subsection (1). 2004, c. 18, s. 3.

Chief Administrative Officer

5 (1) The Governor in Council may appoint a person to be Chief Administrative Officer of the Secretariat.

(2) The Chief Administrative Officer shall be paid such remuneration as is determined by the Governor in Council.

(3) The Chief Administrative Officer shall perform such functions and duties as are assigned to the Chief Administrative Officer by the Secretariat or the Governor in Council. R.S., c. 511, s. 5.


6 Any staff required for the purposes of the Secretariat may be appointed pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Service Act and that Act applies to the staff of the Secretariat. R.S., c. 511, s. 6.


7 The Secretariat may establish such committees as it deems proper for the carrying out of its object and purpose and may delegate to such committees any of its powers, duties and functions. R.S., c. 511, s. 7.


7A In carrying out the duties of the Secretariat, the Secretariat shall work closely with the Departments of Education, Health, Community Services, Justice, Environment and Labour, Economic Development, the Office of Health Promotion and voluntary youth-serving organizations. 2004, c. 18, s. 4.


7B The duties of the Secretariat are to

(a) undertake research to identify and study matters with respect to youth and make recommendations based on the findings of the research;

(b) collect and disseminate information to the public with respect to youth or youth-serving organizations;

(c) publish reports, studies and surveys with respect to youth;

(d) propose legislation, policies or programs to achieve the objects of this Act;

(e) co-ordinate the development and delivery of policies and programs respecting youth with other government departments, governments and community-based organizations;

(f) deliver programs for youth or for the benefit of youth;

(g) provide support and co-ordination to and liaison with advisory bodies such as the Nova Scotia Youth Advisory Council and the Provincial Student Education Council on the development of programs and services for youth;

(h) review or participate in the review of programs and services delivered to or on behalf of youth by other government departments;

(i) promote the awareness of youth issues within the government; and

(j) support programs and activities that recognize the contribution youth make to the community. 2004, c. 18, s. 4.

Reporting to Governor in Council

8 (1) The Secretariat shall report from time to time to the Governor in Council and shall make an annual report to the Governor in Council on the activities of the Secretariat for each year.

(2) Where the Secretariat reviews, considers or inquires into any matter at the request of or with the approval of the Governor in Council, the Secretariat shall make a report to the Governor in Council with respect to that matter at the conclusion of its deliberations. R.S., c. 511, s. 8.

Annual report of Youth Advisory Council

8A (1) The Nova Scotia Youth Advisory Council shall prepare an annual report of its activities and submit the report to the member of the Executive Council charged with the administration of this Act.

(2) The member of the Executive Council assigned responsibility for the Secretariat shall table the report referred to in subsection (1) in the House of Assembly, if the House is sitting, and, if the House is not sitting, the report shall be filed with the Chief Clerk of the House. 2004, c. 18, s. 5.


9 (1) The Governor in Council may make regulations

(a) respecting the powers, duties and functions of the Secretariat;

(b) respecting the conduct of the business and affairs of the Secretariat;

(c) defining any word or expression used in this Act but not defined herein;

(d) respecting any matter or thing necessary or advisable for carrying out effectively the object and purpose of this Act.

(2) The exercise by the Governor in Council of the authority contained in subsection (1) shall be regulations within the meaning of the Regulations Act. R.S., c. 511, s. 9.

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