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An Act Respecting a
Causeway at the Strait of Canso

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Canso Causeway Act. R.S., c. 56, s. 1.

Agreement ratified

2 The Agreement dated the twenty-sixth day of September, 1953, between Her Magesty [Majesty] in Right of Canada, therein and in this Act called "Canada", Her Majesty in right of the Province, therein and in this Act called the "Province", and Canadian National Railway Company providing for the construction and maintenance of a causeway across the Strait of Canso and related works, a duplicate original of which has been filed in the office of the Minister of Highways and Public Works, is ratified and confirmed. R.S., c. 56, s. 2.

Authority of Governor in Council

3 The Governor in Council is empowered to

(a) do every act and to exercise every power necessary or advisable for the exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege or power conferred upon or reserved to the Province by; and

(b) make every expenditure or payment that is necessary or proper for the implementation of any obligation or undertaking assumed or given by the Province under,

the Agreement, or any alteration, renewal or extension of the Agreement or any agreement in substitution for it, and to authorize a member of the Executive Council to perform any such act or exercise any such power or make any such payment or expenditure. R.S., c. 56, s. 3.

Additional authority of Governor in Council

4 Without limiting the generality of any other provision of this Act, the Governor in Council may from time to time raise by way of loan on the credit of the Province and pay over any sums required to be paid by the Province to Canada under the terms of the Agreement or may pay the same out of the Consolidated Fund or out of any other fund or account of the Province. R.S., c. 56, s. 4.

Additional agreements

5 The Governor in Council may from time to time enter into and carry out such additional agreements respecting the said Causeway and related works by way of variation of or in substitution for the Agreement referred to in Section 2 as are considered advisable and may designate a member of the Executive Council to execute any such additional agreement on behalf of the Province. R.S., c. 56, s. 5.

Causeway deemed public highway

6 The Causeway shall be deemed to be a public highway for the purpose of the Motor Vehicle Act, the Public Highways Act and all other enactments relating to highways and their use, except such provisions of those Acts and enactments as are inconsistent with this Act or the Agreement or as the Governor in Council declares do not apply to the Causeway. R.S., c. 56, s. 6.

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