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Law Amendments Committee Submissions

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Dvine Laboratories - Mike Meathrel, President
FOV Labs Inc. - Charles Byram, CEO and Founder
Conlan Hennigar
Vaping Advocacy and Education Project Inc. - Kellie Anne Forbes, Project Facilitator
Nova Scotia Cancer Care Programme - Dr. Drew Bethune, Senior Medical Director
Mental Health and Addictions Program - IWK Health Centre - Sarah Blades, Prevention and Health Promotion Specialist
Vapour Junkie Labs Ltd. - Jonathan Borelli
Nick Flynn
William Chappus
Elias Bitar
Doctors Nova Scotia - Dr. Gary Ernest
Vaping Industry Trade Association - Daniel David, President
Sherri Bain
Rights4Vapers - Sherwin Edwards
Smoke-Free Nova Scotia - Mohammed Al-Hamdani, Executive Director