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Law Amendments Committee Submissions

Thursday, May 7, 2015

International Cinematographers Guild - Tim Storey, Associate Business Representative

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Final Hour Studios & MacQueen Productions - Richard MacQueen, Producer
Picture Plant Ltd - William D MacGillivray
Village Sound - Dave Anderson, President

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cory Bowles
Neato Entertainment - Michael-Andreas Kuttner, President
Jay Dahl
Tim Tracey
Sara Campbell
Shelly Thompson
Mike Hall
Vertical Productions Inc. - Christopher Zimmer, Producer - CEO
British North American Pictures Inc. - Cindy D'Orsay, Managing Partner and Producer
Genevieve Steele
Kristin Arason
Jessica Murwin
Andre Pettigrew
IATSE Local 849 - Gary Vermeir
Kristin Langille
Susan LeBlanc
Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union - Robin MacLean, Acting Executive Director
Lesley Smith
Alan MacLeod
Kyle Buott
Craig Ferguson
Scott Simpson
Carol Sinclair
Keith Currie
Glen Matthews
Sebastien Lavelle
Walter Forsyth
Mary Colin-Chisholm
Brenden Sommerhalder
Luke Merdsoy
Cindy Gorman Dickie
Jessica MacDonald
Michael Tompkins
John Hutton
Ciana Dickie
Rosemary Kreutz
Bethana Briffett
Leah Johnston
Suzanne MacNeil
Recreation Nova Scotia - Catherine Kersten and Rhonda Lemire
Bill Niven
Katrina MacPhee
Jesse Harley
Arcadia Content - John Wesley Chisholm, Creative Director
Bruce Zwicker
Andrew Killowee