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* - Bill was amended in committee

Statutes for Year: 2023

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML PDF
1 Appropriations Act, 2023 HTML PDF
2 Financial Measures (2023) Act HTML PDF
3 Patient Access to Care Act HTML PDF
4 Road Trails Act HTML PDF
5 Construction Projects Labour Relations Act (amended) HTML PDF
6 Electricity Act (amended) HTML PDF
7 Interim Residential Rental Increase Cap Act (amended) HTML PDF
8 Public Utilities Act (amended) HTML PDF
9 Mount Saint Vincent University Student Union, An Act to Incorporate (amended) HTML PDF
10 Conseil scolaire acadien provincial Act — Loi sur le Conseil scolaire acadien provincial HTML PDF
11 Endometriosis Awareness Month Act HTML PDF
12 Financial Measures (Fall 2023) Act HTML PDF
13 First Responders Day Act HTML PDF
14 Municipal Reform (2023) Act HTML PDF
15 Regulated Health Professions Act* HTML PDF
16 Sickle Cell Awareness Day Act HTML PDF
17 Electricity Act (amended) HTML PDF
18 Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (amended) and Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act (amended)* HTML PDF
19 Health Services and Insurance Act (amended) HTML PDF
20 Motor Vehicle Act (amended) HTML PDF
21 Opioid Damages and Health-care Costs Recovery Act (amended) HTML PDF
22 Tourist Accommodations Registration Act (amended) HTML PDF
23 Workers' Compensation Act (amended) HTML PDF
24 Lunenburg Common Lands Act (amended) HTML PDF
25 Riverport Electric Light Act for Polling District No. 2, in the County of Lunenburg, The (amended)* HTML PDF
26 Bethel Presbyterian Church, Sydney Act (amended) HTML PDF