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* - Bill was amended in committee

Statutes for Year: 2004

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML PDF
1 Cemetery and Funeral Services Act (amended)* HTML PDF
2 Appropriations Act, 2004 HTML PDF
3 Financial Measures (2004) Act* HTML PDF
4 Health Protection Act* HTML PDF
5 International Interests in Mobile Aircraft Equipment Act HTML PDF
6 Justice Administration Amendment (2004) Act* HTML PDF
7 Municipal Law Amendment (2004) Act HTML PDF
8 Oil Refineries and L.N.G. Plants Municipal Taxation Act* HTML PDF
9 Provincial Acadian Day Act: Loi sur la Fête provinciale des Acadiens et des Acadiennes HTML PDF
10 Assessment Act (amended)* HTML PDF
11 Credit Union Act (amended) HTML PDF
12 Education Act (amended)* HTML PDF
13 House of Assembly Act (amended) HTML PDF
14 Mechanics' Lien Act (amended)* HTML PDF
15 Mi'kmaq Education Act (amended) HTML PDF
16 Public Service Act (amended)* HTML PDF
17 Theatres and Amusements Act (amended)* HTML PDF
18 Youth Secretariat Act (amended)* HTML PDF
19 Lenihan (Municipality of the District of Chester) Retiring Allowance Act HTML PDF
20 Antigonish Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company (amended) HTML PDF
21 Halifax-Dartmouth United Appeal, An Act to incorporate The (amended) HTML PDF
22 Nova Scotia Fish and Game Protective Association and County or District Fish and Game Associations (amended) HTML PDF
23 Saint Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Chester, Lunenburg County (amended) HTML PDF
24 Agriculture Administration Amendment (2004) Act * HTML PDF
25 Electricity Act HTML PDF
26 French-language Services Act: Loi sur les services en français* HTML PDF
27 Gas Distribution System Municipal Taxation Act HTML PDF
28 Legal Profession Act* HTML PDF
29 Mandatory Testing and Disclosure Act* HTML PDF
30 Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission Act HTML PDF
31 Police Act* HTML PDF
32 Prescription Monitoring Act* HTML PDF
33 Protection for Persons in Care Act* HTML PDF
34 Amusement Devices Safety Act (amended)* HTML PDF
35 Highway 104 Western Alignment Act (amended) HTML PDF
36 House of Assembly Act (amended) HTML PDF
37 House of Assembly Act (amended) HTML PDF
38 Land Registration Act (amended)* HTML PDF
39 Liquor Control Act (amended)* HTML PDF
40 Maintenance Enforcement Act (amended) HTML PDF
41 Motor Vehicle Act (amended)* HTML PDF
42 Motor Vehicle Act (amended) HTML PDF
43 Motor Vehicle Act (amended)* HTML PDF
44 Municipal Government Act (amended) HTML PDF
45 Public Service Act (amended)* HTML PDF
46 Regulations Act (amended) HTML PDF
47 Trade Union Act (amended)* HTML PDF
48 Vital Statistics Act (amended) HTML PDF
49 Halifax Regional Water Commission Act (amended) HTML PDF
50 Pictou Regional Development Commission Act (amended) HTML PDF
51 Ladies Golf Association of Nova Scotia Act (repealed) HTML PDF
52 Legion-Huston Property in Tatamagouche Act HTML PDF
53 Chester Yacht Club Act (amended) HTML PDF
54 Nova Scotia Drama League, An Act to Incorporate (amended) HTML PDF