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* - Bill was amended in committee

Statutes for Year: 2001

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML
1 Agriculture Administration Amendment (2001) Act HTML
2 Appropriations Act, 2001 HTML
3 Financial Measures (2001) Act* HTML
4 Government Restructuring (2001) Act* HTML
5 Justice Administration Amendment (2001) Act* HTML
6 Land Registration Act* HTML
7 Licensed Practical Nurses Act* HTML
8 Livestock Health Services Act* HTML
9 Order of Nova Scotia Act* HTML
10 Registered Nurses Act* HTML
11 Scalers Act* HTML
12 Transportation Amendments (2001) Act* HTML
13 Veterinary Medical Act HTML
14 Assessment Act (amended) and Municipal Government Act (amended)* HTML
15 Energy Resources Conservation Act (amended) and Pipeline Act (amended) HTML
16 House of Assembly Act (amended) HTML
17 Optometry Act (amended) HTML
18 Securities Act (amended) HTML
19 Social Workers Act (amended) HTML
20 Teachers' Collective Bargaining Act (amended) HTML
21 Chester Trails Act HTML
22 District of Barrington Health Professionals Assistance Act HTML
23 St. Francis Xavier University Millennium Centre Grants Act* HTML
24 Upper Stewiacke Fire Protection Act (amended) HTML
25 Halifax Corresponding Committee Act HTML
26 Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Nova Scotia, An Act respecting the (amended) HTML
27 Healthcare Services Continuation (2001) Act HTML
28 Conservation Easements Act HTML
29 Domestic Violence Intervention Act* HTML
30 Enforcement of Canadian Judgments and Decrees Act* HTML
31 Fatality Investigations Act* HTML
32 German Settlers Day Act HTML
33 Liens Act HTML
34 Lobbyists' Registration Act* HTML
35 Municipal Law Amendment (2001) Act (amended)* HTML
36 Pharmacy Act* HTML
37 Underground Hydrocarbons Storage Act HTML
38 Youth Justice Act* HTML
39 Agriculture and Marketing Act (amended) HTML
40 Consumer Protection Act (amended) HTML
41 Co-operative Associations Act (amended)* HTML
42 Costs and Fees Act (amended)* HTML
43 Elections Act (amended)* HTML
44 Motor Vehicle Act (amended) and Public Highways Act (amended) HTML
45 Vital Statistics Act (amended) HTML
46 Wildlife Act (amended) HTML
47 House of Assembly Act (amended)* HTML
48 Revenue Act (amended) HTML
49 Izaak Walton Killam - Grace Health Centre Act (amended) HTML
50 Real Estate Trading Act (amended)* HTML
51 Halifax Regional Municipality Marketing Levy Act * HTML