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* - Bill was amended in committee

Statutes for Year: 1998

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML
1 Appropriations Act, 1998 HTML
2 Health Council Appointments (1998) Act HTML
3 Video Lottery Terminals Moratorium Act* HTML
4 Assessment Act (amended)* HTML
5 Auditor General Act and Provincial Finance Act (amended)* HTML
6 Town of Kentville and Kentville Electric Commission Sale ofAssets Act* HTML
7 Provincial Court Act (amended)* HTML
8 Business Efficiency (1998) Act* HTML
9 Cemeteries Protection Act* HTML
10 Certified General Accountants Act HTML
11 Endangered Species Act* HTML
12 Family Division of Supreme Court Statute Amendment (1998) Act (amended) HTML
13 Financial Measures (1998) Act* HTML
14 Health Research Foundation Act* HTML
15 Intercountry Adoption Act HTML
16 Juries Act* HTML
17 Mi'kmaq Education Act HTML
18 Municipal Government Act* HTML
19 Nova Scotia Power Reorganization (1998) Act HTML
20 Nova Scotia Teachers College Foundation Act* HTML
21 Occupational Therapists Act HTML
22 Physiotherapy Act HTML
23 Private Career Colleges Regulation Act* HTML
24 Public Archives Act* HTML
25 Real Estate Appraisers Act* HTML
26 Teachers' Pension Act HTML
27 Wilderness Areas Protection Act* HTML
28 Condominium Act (amended) HTML
29 Forests Act (amended)* HTML
30 Maintenance Enforcement Act (amended)* HTML
31 Medical Act (amended) HTML
32 Motor Vehicle Act (amended)* HTML
33 Optometry Act (amended)* HTML
34 Lunenburg Fire Protection Agreement Implementation Act* HTML
35 Town of Lunenburg (Linden Avenue) Act HTML
36 Centennial Arena Commission Act (amended) HTML
37 Greenwich Fire Protection Act (amended) HTML
38 Nova Scotia Music Teachers' Act (amended)* HTML
39 Pictou Regional Development Commission Act (amended)* HTML
40 Queens Regional Municipality Act (amended) HTML
41 Queens Regional Municipality Act (amended) HTML
42 Upper Stewiacke Fire Protection Act (amended) HTML
43 Halifax Insurance Company Capacity and Powers Act HTML
44 King's College Act* HTML
45 Sisters of Saint Martha Act (amended) HTML