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Hansard archive for the Supply committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses
2007-Apr-12 Transportation and Public Works/Service N.S. and Municipal Relations
2007-Apr-11 Transportation and Public Works
2007-Apr-10 Education/Transporation and Public Works
2007-Apr-5 Education
2007-Apr-3 Education
2007-Apr-2 Community Services/Education
2007-Mar-29 Health/Acadian Affairs/Community Services
2007-Mar-27 Health
2007-Mar-26 Health
2006-Jul-14 Justice
2006-Jul-13 Community Services
2006-Jul-12 Transportation and Public Works
2006-Jul-11 Education/Transportation and Public Works
2006-Jul-10 Health/Education
2006-Jul-7 Health
2006-Jul-6 Health
2005-May-16 Transportation and Public Works
2005-May-13 Transportation and Public Works
2005-May-12 Community Services
2005-May-10 Community Services
2005-May-9 Education
2005-May-6 Education
2005-May-5 Health
2005-May-3 Education
2005-May-2 Health
2005-Apr-29 Health
2004-May-11 Community Services/Transportation and Public Works
2004-May-10 Community Services
2004-May-7 Community Services