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Hansard archive for the Supply committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses
2012-Apr-16 Health and Wellness
2012-Apr-13 Education
2012-Apr-12 Education
2012-Apr-10 Education
2011-Apr-29 Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
2011-Apr-28 Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
2011-Apr-26 Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
2011-Apr-21 Natural Resources/Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
2011-Apr-19 Energy/Natural Resources
2011-Apr-18 Health and Wellness/Energy
2011-Apr-15 Health and Wellness
2011-Apr-14 Health and Wellness
2011-Apr-12 Health and Wellness
2011-Apr-11 Education/Health and Wellness
2011-Apr-8 Education
2010-Apr-26 Education
2010-Apr-23 Office of the Premier/Education
2010-Apr-22 Office of the Premier
2010-Apr-20 Office of the Premier
2010-Apr-19 Health Promotion and Protection
2010-Apr-16 Health Promotion and Protection
2010-Apr-15 Health/Health Promotion and Protection
2010-Apr-13 Health
2010-Apr-12 Health
2010-Apr-9 Health
2010-Apr-8 Health
2009-Oct-19 Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal/Energy
2009-Oct-15 Community Services/Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
2009-Oct-13 NSBI/Tourism, Culture & Heritage/Community Services