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Hansard archive for the Supply committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses
2018-Mar-22 Health and Wellness
2017-Oct-13 Justice/TIR
2017-Oct-12 Justice
2017-Oct-11 Community Services/Justice
2017-Oct-10 Community Services
2017-Oct-6 Education and Early Childhood Development
2017-Oct-5 Education and Early Childhood Development
2017-Oct-3 Health and Wellness
2017-Oct-2 Health and Wellness
2017-Sep-29 Health and Wellness
2017-Sep-28 Health and Wellness
2016-May-6 Health and Wellness/Justice
2016-May-5 Health and Wellness
2016-May-3 Health and Wellness
2016-May-2 Health and Wellness
2016-Apr-29 Labour and Advanced Education
2016-Apr-28 Business/Service Nova Scotia
2016-Apr-26 Business
2016-Apr-25 Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
2016-Apr-22 Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
2016-Apr-21 Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
2015-Apr-24 Health and Wellness
2015-Apr-23 Health and Wellness
2015-Apr-22 Finance & Treasury Bd./Health and Wellness
2015-Apr-21 Finance & Treasury Board
2015-Apr-20 Internal Serv./PSC/Finance & Treasury Board
2015-Apr-17 Service Nova Scotia/Internal Services
2015-Apr-16 Municipal Affairs/Service Nova Scotia
2015-Apr-14 Business