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* - Bill was amended in committee

Statutes for Year: 2020

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML PDF
1 Appropriations Act, 2020 HTML PDF
2 Financial Measures (2020) Act* HTML PDF
3 Life Partners in Long-term Care Act HTML PDF
4 Opioid Damages and Health-care Costs Recovery Act HTML PDF
5 Protecting Access to Reproductive Health Care Act HTML PDF
6 Change of Name Act (amended)* HTML PDF
7 Companies Act (amended) HTML PDF
8 Elections Act (amended) HTML PDF
9 Electricity Act (amended) HTML PDF
10 House of Assembly Act (amended) HTML PDF
11 Housing Nova Scotia Act (amended) HTML PDF
12 Insurance Act (amended) HTML PDF
13 Labour Standards Code (amended)* HTML PDF
14 Labour Standards Code (amended) HTML PDF
15 Legal Aid Act (amended) HTML PDF
16 Municipal Government Act (amended) and Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (amended) HTML PDF
17 Railways Act (amended)* HTML PDF
18 Smoke-free Places Act (amended) and Tobacco Access Act (amended) HTML PDF
19 University Foundations Act (amended)* HTML PDF
20 Brookside Cemetery Commission Dissolution Act HTML PDF