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* - Bill was amended in committee

Statutes for Year: 2000

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML
1 Holocaust Memorial Day Act HTML
2 Appropriations Act, 2000 HTML
3 Farm Practices Act* HTML
4 Financial Measures (2000) Act* HTML
5 Flea Markets Regulation Act* HTML
6 Health Authorities Act* HTML
7 International Wills Act HTML
8 Medical Laboratory Technology Act* HTML
9 Municipal Law Amendment (2000) Act* HTML
10 Water Resources Protection Act* HTML
11 Education Act (amended)* HTML
12 Energy and Mineral Resources Conservation Act Petroleum Resources Act Pipeline Act(amended)* HTML
13 Housing Development Corporation Act (amended)* HTML
14 Motor Vehicle Act (amended)* HTML
15 Preston Area Housing Act (amended)* HTML
16 Hantsport Memorial Community Centre Financial Assistance (2000) Act HTML
17 Anglican Church Act (amended)* HTML
18 Bluenose Club Act (amended) HTML
19 Halifax-Dartmouth Real Estate Board Act (amended) HTML
20 Hilden Cemetery Company Act (amended) HTML
21 Scots: The North British Society Act (amended) HTML
22 Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act* HTML
23 Crane Operators and Power Engineers Act HTML
24 Dairy Industry Act HTML
25 Denturists Act* HTML
26 Electronic Commerce Act HTML
27 Employment Support and Income Assistance Act* HTML
28 Justice and Administration Reform (2000) Act* HTML
29 Law Reform (2000) Act* HTML
30 Nova Scotia Business Incorporated Act* HTML
31 Probate Act* HTML
32 Psychologists Act HTML
33 Sydney Steel Corporation Sale Act HTML
34 Consumer Protection Act (amended) and Mortgage Brokers' and Lenders' Registration Act (amended) HTML
35 Labour Standards Code (amended) HTML
36 Members and Public Employees Disclosure Act (amended) HTML
37 Dental Act (amended)* HTML
38 Occupational Health and Safety Act (amended)* HTML
39 Lunenburg War Memorial Community Centre Dissolution Act HTML
40 University College of Cape Breton Student Union Act HTML
41 Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities Act (amended) HTML