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May 4, 2006

HANSARD 03/04/05/06-109


Speaker: Honourable Cecil Clarke

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First Session


Nolan, Sheelagh: Death of - Tribute:
Mr. Michel Samson 9967
The Premier: 9968
Mr. D. Dexter 9968
LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Closes First Session of 59th General Assembly 9970

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Fifty-ninth General Assembly

First Session

11:00 A.M.


Hon. Cecil Clarke


Mr. Charles Parker, Ms. Diana Whalen

[The Legislature rose on Friday, March 3, 2006, to meet again at the call of the Speaker.]

MR. SPEAKER: Order, please. The honourable Leader in the House of the Liberal Party.

MR. MICHEL SAMSON: Mr. Speaker, on behalf of our Leader, Francis MacKenzie and my caucus colleagues, I rise to express our deepest sorrow and sincerest condolences to our former Leader, Danny Graham on the loss of his wife, Sheelagh. For four years, Sheelagh waged a courageous battle with cancer. While the disease may have directly impacted her health, it was never successful in breaking her spirit. She remained a devoted and loving mother to her sons, Patrick, Andrew and Colin. A dedicated sports mom, her children were the love of her life. To Danny she remained a loving and supportive wife. For many of us here in the Legislature, we recognize the importance of having a supportive spouse by our side. Through Sheelagh, Danny gained strength. My colleagues here in the Liberal caucus and I will not soon forget Sheelagh's great spirit, her sense of humour and her contagious laugh.


To Sheelagh's family, her parents, Frank and Maureen, her sisters and brother, as well as her sisters- and brothers-in-law, we send to you our deepest sympathies as you cope with

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this loss. To Danny, Patrick, Colin and Andrew, our thoughts and prayers are with you. May you find peace in the memories and love that Sheelagh, your mom, brought to your lives.

Mr. Speaker, following comments from the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition, I would ask that members of the House observe a moment of silence.

MR. SPEAKER: The honourable Premier.

HON. RODNEY MACDONALD (The Premier): Mr. Speaker, it is with great sadness that I and our government add our deepest sympathies to the family of the late Sheelagh Nolan, beloved wife of a friend to this House, former Liberal Leader Danny Graham. It is unfortunate that cancer touches the lives of so many Nova Scotians. I believe it is the true character of a person that shines when faced with such a battle. It was obvious, even to those of us who did not know Sheelagh well, that she was a fighter. She faced this battle head-on, the battle which would ultimately take her much too soon from her beautiful young family and her loving husband of 20 years.

What death cannot take away is the love that she instilled in the hearts of her loved ones, especially Patrick, Andrew and Colin, and the spirit with which she fought her cancer. Her most lasting legacy will be her family, and the love and spirit she helped to nurture in each one of them. I know that the many happy memories and the support of their family and friends will help Danny and their sons during this very difficult time.

MR. SPEAKER: The honourable Leader of the Opposition.

MR. DARRELL DEXTER: Mr. Speaker, thank you very much for the opportunity to rise and to say a few words about Sheelagh Nolan. Like many of us in this House, I met Sheelagh through her husband, but no matter how well you knew her her obvious love and commitment to her family was deeply moving. There is much that we can learn from the way she lived her life, especially the courage and determination she showed during her illness.

On behalf of the NDP caucus, I offer my condolences to her husband and sons, her family and friends, and offer hope that they may find strength and comfort during this difficult time.

MR. SPEAKER: I would ask all to rise for a moment of silence.

[One minute of silence was observed.]

MR. SPEAKER: Thank you.

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor, is without.

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MR. SPEAKER: Let Her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor, be admitted.

[The Speaker and Clerks left the Chamber.]

[The Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Myra A. Freeman, preceded by her escort and aide and by Mr. Ken Greenham, Sergeant-at-Arms, bearing the Mace, entered the House of Assembly Chamber. The Lieutenant Governor then took her seat on the Throne.

The Sergeant-at-Arms then departed and re-entered the Chamber followed by the Speaker, the Honourable Cecil Clarke; the Chief Clerk of the House, Roderick MacArthur, Q.C.; the Assistant Clerk, Arthur Fordham, Q.C.; and the Assistant Clerk, Neil Ferguson.

The Speaker, with the Sergeant-at-Arms on his right and the Clerks on either side, took up his position at the foot of the Speaker's Table.]

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: Her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor.

It is the wish of Her Honour, the Lieutenant Governor, that the ladies and gentlemen be seated.

THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly, in closing this, the First Session of the Fifty-Ninth General Assembly convened in the province, I desire to thank you for the attention and the consideration you have given to the measures which have come before you.

New and important legislative measures were passed, including:

Volunteer Protection Act.

Provincial Acadian Day Act.

Automobile Insurance Reform Act.

Prescription Monitoring Act.

Credit Union Act.

Motor Vehicle and Youth Justice Act.

Public Utilities Act.

Cross-Border Policing Act.

[Page 9970]

Maintenance Enforcement Act.

Police Act.

French-language Services Act - Loi sur des services en français.

Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act.

Tobacco Damages and Health-care Costs Recovery Act.

Pre-primary Education Act.

Off-highway Vehicles Act.

An Act to Protect Public Safety.

Trade Union Act.

Alexander Graham Bell Day Act.

Self-managed Support-care Act.

Private and Local Bills respecting a number of matters received the approval of the House.

I thank you for the ample provision you have made for the Public Service, and I assure you that the utmost care will be taken to ensure that the amounts voted are expended in an economical manner and in the best interests of the Province.

I now bid you farewell and tender you my very best wishes for your personal prosperity and happiness throughout the year.

MR. SPEAKER: Please be seated.

The honourable Premier.

THE PREMIER: Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly, it is the will and pleasure of Her Honour the Lieutenant Governor that this the First Session of the 59th General Assembly be prorogued, and this session is accordingly prorogued and that the Second Session of the said General Assembly meet at 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon of this day for the dispatch of business.

[The Lieutenant Governor left the Chamber.]

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[The Speaker and Clerks left the Chamber.]

[MR. SPEAKER: The House is prorogued until 2:00 p.m.]

[The House rose at 11:16 a.m.]