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Hansard archive for the Health committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses Video Hansard
2019-Jul-9 Nova Scotia Health Authority July 9, 2019 PDF
2019-Jun-20 Nova Scotia Nurses' Union June 20, 2019 PDF
2019-May-14 Department of Health and Wellness, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, NSHA 14 mai 2019 PDF
2019-Apr-9 Department of Health & Wellness, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Renewal April 9, 2019. PDF
2019-Mar-14 Department of Health and Wellness, Emergency Health Services, IUOE Local 727 March 14, 2019 PDF
2019-Feb-12 Janet Knox - President and CEO, Mr. Tim Guest - VP Integrated Services February 12, 2019 PDF
2019-Jan-29 January 29, 2019 PDF
2019-Jan-15 January 15, 2019 PDF