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Statutes for Year: 2009

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML PDF
1 Appropriations Act, 2009 HTML PDF
2 Dietitians Act* HTML PDF
3 Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation Act* HTML PDF
4 Emergency Department Accountability Act* HTML PDF
5 Financial Measures (2009) Act* HTML PDF
6 Uranium Exploration and Mining Prohibition Act HTML PDF
7 Agricultural Marshland Conservation Act (amended) HTML PDF
8 Assessment Act (amended) and Municipal Grants Act (amended) HTML PDF
9 Beneficiaries Designation Act (amended) HTML PDF
10 Condominium Act (amended)* HTML PDF
11 Education Act (amended) HTML PDF
12 Emergency Management Act (amended) HTML PDF
13 Engineering Profession Act (amended) HTML PDF
14 Executive Council Act (amended) and Public Service Act (amended) HTML PDF
15 Halifax Regional Municipality Charter (amended)* HTML PDF
16 HRM by Design, An Act to Implement (amended) HTML PDF
17 Judicature Act (amended) HTML PDF
18 Labour Standards Code (amended) HTML PDF
19 Members and Public Employees Disclosure Act (amended) HTML PDF
20 Motor Vehicle Act (amended)* HTML PDF
21 Motor Vehicle Act (amended) HTML PDF
22 Motor Vehicle Act (amended) HTML PDF
23 Motor Vehicle Act (amended) HTML PDF
24 Occupational Health and Safety Act (amended) HTML PDF
25 Pension Benefits Act (amended) HTML PDF
26 Personal Property Security Act (amended) HTML PDF
27 Pipeline Act (amended) HTML PDF
28 Public Trustee Act (amended) HTML PDF
29 Trade Union Act (amended)* HTML PDF
30 Wilderness Areas Protection Act (amended)* HTML PDF
31 Canning Library and Heritage Centre Association HTML PDF