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* - Bill was amended in committee

Statutes for Year: 2002

Chaptersort descending Name of Bill HTML
1 Agriculture Administration Amendment (2002) Act HTML
2 Appropriations Act, 2002 HTML
3 Canadian Information Processing Society of Nova Scotia Act HTML
4 Elevators and Lifts Act* HTML
5 Financial Measures (2002) Act* HTML
6 Fire Safety Act* HTML
7 Geoscience Profession Act* HTML
8 Guardianship Act* HTML
9 Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act HTML
10 Justice Administration Amendment (2002) Act* HTML
11 Provincial Fossil Act HTML
12 Smoke-free Places Act* HTML
13 Volunteer Fire Services Act* HTML
14 Volunteer Protection Act HTML
15 Assessment Act (amended) and Municipal Grants Act (amended)* HTML
16 Cosmetology Act (amended)* HTML
17 Evidence Act (amended)* HTML
18 Gas Distribution Act (amended) HTML
19 Land Registration Act (amended)* HTML
20 Motor Vehicle Act (amended)* HTML
21 Pension Benefits Act (amended)* HTML
22 Gray Grant Act HTML
23 Halifax Regional Municipality Harbour Solution Financing Act HTML
24 Municipality of Inverness Supplementary Pension Contribution Act HTML
25 Lunenburg Common Lands Act (amended) HTML
26 Atlantic Blue Cross Care Inc. Act HTML
27 Anglican Church Act (amended) HTML
28 Antiochian Maronite Catholic Church Corporation Act (amended)* HTML
29 The Mic-Mac Amateur Aquatic Club, An Act to Incorporate (amended) HTML
30 Justice Administration Amendment (Fall 2002) Act* HTML
31 Université Sainte-Anne - Collège de l'Acadie Act HTML
32 Elections Act (amended) HTML
33 House of Assembly Act (amended) HTML
34 House of Assembly Act (amended) and Elections Act (amended)* HTML
35 Maritime Provinces Harness Racing Commission Act (amended)* HTML
36 Municipal Government Act (amended) HTML
37 Partnership Act (amended) and Partnerships and Business Names Registration Act (amended)* HTML
38 Public Trustee Act (amended) HTML
39 Securities Act (amended) HTML
40 Volunteer Fire Services Act (amended) HTML
41 Workers' Compensation Act (amended) HTML
42 Taker Estate Subdivision Act* HTML
43 Anglican Church Act (amended) HTML