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BILL NO. 240

(as introduced)

2nd Session, 63rd General Assembly
Nova Scotia
69 Elizabeth II, 2020


Government Bill


Life Partners in Long-term Care Act


The Honourable Randy Delorey
Minister of Health and Wellness

First Reading: February 28, 2020

Second Reading: March 3, 2020

Third Reading: March 10, 2020 (LINK TO BILL AS PASSED)


An Act Respecting
Life Partners in Long-term Care

Be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows:

1 This Act may be cited as the Life Partners in Long-term Care Act.

2 In this Act,

(a) "facility" means a nursing home or residential care facility licensed by the Department of Health and Wellness under the Homes for Special Care Act and funded by the Department;

(b) "life partner" means either of two individuals who

    (i) are married to each other,

    (ii) have cohabited with each other in a conjugal relationship for at least one year immediately prior to one of the individuals being placed in a facility,

    (iii) are in a domestic partnership with each other within the meaning of Part II of the Vital Statistics Act, or

    (iv) are deemed by the Minister of Health and Wellness, or the Minister's delegate, as being in a relationship with each other analogous to a relationship referred to in subclauses (i) to (iii).

3 Where an individual and the individual's life partner have both been assessed and deemed eligible by the provincial health authority, as defined by the Health Authorities Act, for placement in a facility, the individual and the individual's life partner have the right to be placed in the same facility.

4 This Act comes into force on such day as the Governor in Council orders and declares by proclamation.


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