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BILL NO. 205

(as introduced)

2nd Session, 63rd General Assembly
Nova Scotia
68 Elizabeth II, 2019


Private Member's Bill


African Nova Scotian Justice Institute Act


Susan Leblanc
Dartmouth North

First Reading: October 17, 2019

Second Reading:

Third Reading:


An Act to Create
the African Nova Scotian Justice Institute

WHEREAS African Nova Scotians have been present since non-Aboriginal residents first arrived centuries ago;

AND WHEREAS despite the lengthy presence and important history of African Nova Scotians, for many, economic and social marginalization remain core, hard facts of life;

AND WHEREAS systemic discrimination against African Nova Scotians persists in Nova Scotia;

AND WHEREAS a crucial aspect of redressing historical inequities, guaranteeing equal and equitable treatment and addressing racism is to be manifested through the various components of the legal system;

AND WHEREAS the 1989 report of the Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall, Jr., Prosecution documented some of the systemic failures of the justice system in Nova Scotia, as a result of which some significant advances have been made;

AND WHEREAS it is desirable to continue those advances and that specialized services be developed and delivered for African Nova Scotians to engage with all aspects of the legal system;

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows:

1 This Act may be cited as the African Nova Scotian Justice Institute Act.

2 The Minister of Justice shall lead an intergovernmental initiative, in consultation with the African Nova Scotian community, to support the creation, by way of legislation, of an independent, community-operated African Nova Scotian Justice Institute.

3 The money required for the purpose of this Act must be paid out of money appropriated for that purpose by the Legislature.


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