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BILL NO. 149

(as introduced)

2nd Session, 63rd General Assembly
Nova Scotia
68 Elizabeth II, 2019


Private Member's Bill


Time of Remembrance Act


Alana Paon
Cape Breton–Richmond

First Reading: April 12, 2019

Second Reading:

Third Reading:


An Act to Establish
a Time of Remembrance

WHEREAS the people of Nova Scotia must never forget the courage and sacrifice made by the men and women who bravely serve and sacrifice, in war and in peace operations, on behalf of all Canadians;

AND WHEREAS November 11th has been set aside as Remembrance Day throughout Nova Scotia as a day to pay grateful tribute to the memory of those who have died or suffered grievous injury;

AND WHEREAS full recognition of the dedication and sacrifices of our veterans deserves more than a single day;

THEREFORE be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows:

1 This Act may be cited as the Time of Remembrance Act.

2 Throughout the Province, in each and every year, the period from and including November 1st to 11th shall be kept and observed as a Time of Remembrance.

3 Nothing in this Act affects the rights or obligations set out under the Remembrance Day Act.


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