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Veterans Appreciation Act


(as introduced)

2nd Session, 62nd General Assembly
Nova Scotia
63 Elizabeth II, 2014

Private Member's Bill

Veterans Appreciation Act

The Honourable Jamie Baillie
Cumberland South

First Reading: October 23, 2014

Second Reading:

Third Reading:

An Act Respecting Number Plates
on the Vehicles of Veterans

Be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows:

1 This Act may be cited as the Veterans Appreciation Act.

2 (1) In this Act,

(a) "veteran" means a veteran as defined by the Veterans' Number Plate Regulations;

(b) "Veterans' Number Plate Regulations" means the Veterans' Number Plate Regulations made pursuant to the Motor Vehicle Act.

(2) Notwithstanding the Veterans' Number Plate Regulations, a veteran may be issued pursuant to those regulations a number plate for a motorcycle.

(3) A number plate issued pursuant to subsection (2) is to be the same as the number plate issued pursuant to the Veterans' Number Plate Regulations for a passenger vehicle or a commercial motor vehicle except that the number plate is to be 10.16 centimetres in width by 17.78 centimetres in length.

3 Notwithstanding the Motor Vehicle Act or any regulations made pursuant to that Act, no registration fees or renewal fees are payable for a number plate issued pursuant to the Veterans' Number Plate Regulations.


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