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Victims' Rights and Services Act (amended)

BILL NO. 166

(as introduced)

2nd Session, 60th General Assembly
Nova Scotia
57 Elizabeth II, 2008

Private Member's Bill

Victims' Rights and Services Act

Diana Whalen
Halifax Clayton Park

First Reading: May 9, 2008

(Explanatory Notes)

Second Reading:

Third Reading:

Explanatory Notes

Clause 1 removes the cap in the regulations on the hourly rate and the maximum amount available for counselling services under the Victims' Rights and Services Act.

Clause 2 gives an applicant who is dissatisfied with a decision of the Registrar one hundred and eighty days to appeal the decision.

An Act to Amend Chapter 14
of the Acts of 1989,
the Victims' Rights and Services Act

Be it enacted by the Governor and Assembly as follows: 1 Chapter 14 of the Acts of 1989, the Victims' Rights and Services Act, is amended by adding immediately after Section 11H the following Section:

11I (1) An award of compensation made by the Director pursuant to this Act may, subject to subsection (4), include an amount for counselling services.

(2) The amount for counselling services referred to in subsection (1) may include an hourly rate and a maximum amount over time to be spent on counselling services.

(3) Notwithstanding anything contained in the regulations, there must be no maximum hourly rate or maximum amount set for counselling services and, for greater certainty, the hourly rate and maximum amount for counselling services must be determined by the Director on a case-by-case basis.

(4) The moneys required for the purpose of this Act must be paid out of moneys appropriated for that purpose by the Legislature.

2 Subsection 11L(1) of Chapter 14, as enacted by Chapter 36 of the Acts of 1992 and amended by Chapter 4 of the Acts of 2000, is further amended by adding ", within one hundred and eighty days," immediately after "may" in the fourth line.

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