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Hansard archive for the Economic Development committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses Hansard
2018-Jan-11 Office of Immigration PDF
2017-Nov-14 Organizational Meeting
2017-Apr-11 Louisbourg Seafoods Limited
2017-Mar-9 Business Cape Breton & Cape Breton Regional Enterprise Network
2017-Jan-10 Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal and Bay Ferries
2016-Oct-11 Department of Agriculture and Winery Association of Nova Scotia
2016-Sep-13 Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, re: Aquaculture
2016-Jun-21 Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce & Valley Regional Enterprise Network, Re: Barriers to Economic Development
2016-Apr-12 Department of Business / Nova Scotia Business Inc. - Jobs Fund
2016-Mar-22 Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
2016-Feb-25 CFN Consultants (Atlantic) Inc. & Partner International
2016-Jan-12 Department of Business
2015-Nov-10 Screen Nova Scotia and Nova Scotia Business Inc., re Film and Television Production Incentive Fund
2015-Oct-13 Waterfront Development Corporation & Innovacorp
2015-Sep-3 Nova Star Cruises & Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
2015-Jun-4 Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
2015-Mar-5 Halifax Chamber of Commerce & Canadian Federation of Independent Business
2015-Feb-19 Economic and Rural Development and Tourism
2015-Jan-29 Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia / ACTRA Maritimes / IATSE Local 849 / Directors Guild of Canada
2014-Nov-27 Department of Economic and Rural Development and Tourism, re Invest Nova Scotia
2014-Sep-4 Discussion of Agenda
2014-Jun-12 Department of Finance and Treasury Board, re Tax Policy and the Economy
2014-May-15 Agenda Setting
2014-Mar-6 Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy
2014-Feb-13 Institute for Ocean Research Enterprise / CFN Consultants (Atlantic) Inc.
2014-Jan-16 Organizational Meeting
2013-May-14 Centre for Women in Business
2013-Feb-12 Dalhousie University, Re:Economic & Cultural Impact of Dalhousie University
2013-Jan-8 Agenda Setting