The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.


Fifty-sixth General Assembly

First Session

10:00 A.M.


Hon. Paul MacEwan


Mr. Gerald O’Malley

[The Legislature rose on Thursday, November 25, 1993, to meet again at the call of the Speaker.]

[The Members attended at prayers.]

MR. SPEAKER: Please be seated.

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: His Honour the Lieutenant Governor is without.

MR. SPEAKER: Let His Honour be admitted.

[The Speaker and Clerks left the Chamber.]

[The Lieutenant Governor, Hon. Lloyd Roseville Crouse, P.C., preceded by his escort and by Mr.
Delmore Daye, Sergeant-at-Arms, bearing the Mace, entered the House of Assembly Chamber. The Lieutenant
Governor then took his seat on the Throne.]

[The Sergeant-at-Arms then departed and re-entered the Chamber followed by the Speaker, Hon. Paul
MacEwan; the Chief Clerk of the House, Roderick MacArthur; and the Acting Assistant Clerk, Arthur
Fordham, Q.C.]

[The Speaker, with the Sergeant-at-Arms on his right and the Clerks on either side, took up his
position at the foot of the Speaker’s Table.]

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS: It is the wish of His Honour that the ladies and gentlemen be seated.



THE LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly, in closing
this, the First Session of the Fifty-sixth General Assembly convened in the province, I desire to thank you for
the attention and consideration you have given to the measures which have come before you.

New and important legislative measures were passed, including:

An Act Respecting the Reduction and Control of Operating and Capital Expenditures of the Province
to Restore Fiscal Health, Credibility and Stability to the Province’s Finances.

An Act to End the Practice of Double Dipping with Respect to Members’ Retirement Allowances.

An Act to Increase Accountability of Government by Requiring Two Sittings of the House of Assembly
per Year.

An Act to Improve the Advice the Government Receives on Natural Resources by the Establishment
of a New Natural Resources Advisory Council.

An Act Expanding the Right of Access to Documents and Information held by Public Bodies in Nova
Scotia and the Right of Privacy with Respect to Personal Information held by Public Bodies in Nova Scotia.

An Act to Promote the Public Health, Particularly Among Younger Nova Scotians, by Prohibiting the
Sale of Tobacco Products to any Person Under the Age of Eighteen.

An Act to Promote Increased Access to Capital by Small Business and Labour Sponsored Ventured
Capital Corporations through a Provincial Tax Credit.

An Act to Provide Increased Protection to Tenants Through Improvements to the Residential Tenancies

Further, important legislation has been enacted respecting Government Restructuring and Reform, the
Promotion of Maritime Economic Cooperation, the Power of the Auditor General to Review Government
Estimates and Reform Providing Increased Provincial Assistance to Students seeking Higher Education.

I thank you for the ample provision you have made for the Public Service, and I assure you that the
utmost care will be taken to see that the amounts voted are expended in an economical manner and in the best
interests of the Province.

I now bid you farewell and tender you my very best wishes for your personal prosperity and happiness
throughout the year. Thank you.

[The Speaker and Clerks left the Chamber.]

HON. JOHN SAVAGE (The Premier): Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Assembly, it is the
will and pleasure of His Honour the Lieutenant Governor that this the First Session of the 56th General
Assembly be prorogued, and this session is accordingly prorogued and that the Second Session of the said
General Assembly meet at 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon of this day for the dispatch of business.

[The Lieutenant Governor left the Chamber.]

[The House rose at 10:08 a.m.]