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An Act to Incorporate the
Nova Scotia School Boards Association

Short title

1 This Act may be cited as the Nova Scotia School Boards Association Act. 1974, c. 113, s. 1.


2 In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires,

(a) "Association" means the Nova Scotia School Boards Association;

(b) "board" means a school board as defined in the Education Act, and includes a regional vocational school advisory board appointed pursuant to the Education Act;

(c) "Executive" means the Executive of the Association;

(d) "Minister" means the Minister of Education. 1974, c. 113, s. 2; 1983, c. 55, s. 1.

Nova Scotia School Boards Association

3 (1) The Nova Scotia School Boards Association as incorporated under the Societies Act is continued as a body corporate, subject to the provisions of this Act.


(2) The by-laws, members, association, offices, committees, locals and Executive of the Association as incorporated under the Societies Act existing immediately prior to the twenty-eighth day of June, 1974, shall continue in effect or in office until changed or replaced pursuant to this Act. 1974, c. 113, s. 3.

Constitution of Association

4 The constitution of the Association shall consist of

(a) the memorandum of association of the Association as incorporated under the Societies Act; and

(b) the by-laws of the Association. 1974, c. 113, s. 4.

Liability of members

5 No member of the Association shall be liable for the debts or liabilities of the Association unless the member shall have made himself personally liable therefor. 1974, c. 113, s. 5.

Objects of Association

6 The objects of the Association are to

(a) provide a forum for the exchange of views and information on matters of mutual interest among the boards holding membership in the Association;

(b) provide a common voice for the member boards in presentations to the Government, Department of Education, royal commissions and other authorities or organizations concerned with education; and

(c) co-operate with the Provincial and municipal governments and with other organizations in the furtherance of education. 1974, c. 113, s. 6.


7 The Association shall have the power to do all things necessary or desirable for the attainment of its objects or incidental thereto including, but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing, power to

(a) purchase, acquire, lease and hold real and personal property and sell, convey and lease, mortgage or transfer the same;

(b) borrow money from any person or corporation and give security for any money so borrowed on any of the real and personal property of the Association by way of mortgage or otherwise;

(c) accept all gifts, legacies or bequests which may be given to the Association;

(d) expend any money of the Association;

(e) subject to the approval of the Minister, fix membership fees and special assessments of members and collect such fees and assessments. 1974, c. 113, s. 7.

Exercise of powers by Executive

8 Unless otherwise provided in this Act or by the by-laws of the Association, the powers of the Association may be exercised by the Executive. 1974, c. 113, s. 8.


9 (1) The Association may make by-laws not inconsistent with this Act respecting

(a) the management of the Association and its property;

(b) the officers, Executive and committees of the Association and their respective powers and duties;

(c) all other matters necessary or conducive to the carrying out of its objects and the exercise of its powers.

Passing of by-laws

(2) Every by-law shall be passed by a vote of at least two thirds of the members of the Association present at a meeting thereof, notice of the intention to propose such by-laws at such meeting having been given in writing by notice mailed prepaid at least sixty days before such meeting to each member of the Association at its last recorded address. 1974, c. 113, s. 9; 1986, c. 55, s. 1.


10 (1) Every board shall be a member of the Association unless it resigns therefrom by written notice addressed to the Association at its head office and mailed by prepaid registered post.

Effective period of resignation

(2) The resignation of a board from the Association shall become effective on the last day of the fiscal year of the Association and shall be effective for a period of one year. 1974, c. 113, s. 10.

Annual report to Minister

11 Not later than ninety days after the end of each fiscal year of the Association, the Association shall send to the Minister

(a) a scale of fees payable to the Association by its members for the current year;

(b) a schedule of special assessments, if any, payable to the Association by its members for the current year. 1974, c. 113, s. 11; 1986, c. 55, s. 2.

Annual grant

12 (1) The Minister may pay a grant to the Association annually in an amount determined by the Governor in Council.

Annual fees and assessments

(2) Every member of the Association shall pay to the Association annually the fees and special assessments prescribed by the Association and approved by the Minister.

Payer of fees and assessments

(3) Fees and assessments payable pursuant to this Section are payable by

(a) the Minister, in the case of a regional vocational school advisory board; and

(b) the Board, in any other case.

Time of payment

(4) Fees and assessments payable pursuant to this Section are payable on or before the thirtieth day of September in each year except that fees and assessments approved by the Minister after the thirtieth day of September in any year are payable within thirty days of notice to the Board of the amount payable. 1983, c. 55, s. 2.

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