2003 (Second Session) Statutes

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  • Automobile Insurance Reform Act (Chapter No. 1)
  • Collection Agencies Act (amended) and Consumer Creditors' Conduct Act (amended) (Chapter No. 3)
  • Consumer Creditors' Conduct Act (amended), Collection Agencies Act (amended) and (Chapter No. 3)
  • Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act (Chapter No. 2)
  • Labour Standards Code (amended), Retail Business Closing Day Act (amended) and (Chapter No. 7)
  • Labour Standards Code (amended) and Vital Statistics Act (amended) (Chapter No. 4)
  • Municipal Elections Act (amended) (Chapter No. 5)
  • Public Service Superannuation Act (amended) (Chapter No. 6)
  • Retail Business Closing Day Act (amended) and Labour Standards Code (amended) (Chapter No. 7)
  • Vital Statistics Act (amended), Labour Standards Code (amended) and (Chapter No. 4)
  • Volunteer Protection Act (amended) (Chapter No. 8)

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