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Hansard archive for the Supply Subcommittee committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses
2010-Apr-15 Community Services
2010-Apr-13 Natural Resources/Community Services
2010-Apr-12 Natural Resources
2010-Apr-9 Agriculture/Natural Resources
2010-Apr-8 Agriculture
2009-Oct-15 Justice
2009-Oct-13 Justice
2009-Oct-9 Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
2009-Oct-8 Finance/Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations
2009-Oct-6 Finance
2009-Oct-5 Fisheries & Aquaculture/Finance
2009-Oct-2 Environment/Fisheries & Aquaculture
2009-Oct-1 Environment
2009-Sep-29 Natural Resources
2009-Sep-28 Agriculture
2008-May-14 Natural Resources/Service N.S. and Municipal Relations
2008-May-13 Immigration/Natural Resources
2008-May-12 Health Promotion & Protection/African N.S. Affairs
2008-May-9 Fisheries & Aquaculture/Health Promotion & Protection/African N.S. Affairs
2008-May-8 Energy/Fisheries and Aquaculture
2008-May-7 Environment/Labour and Workforce Development
2008-May-6 Environment
2008-May-5 Public Service Commission/EMO/Justice
2008-May-2 Agriculture/Justice
2008-May-1 Agriculture
2007-Apr-13 Tourism, Culture and Heritage
2007-Apr-12 Natural Resources/Tourism, Culture and Heritage
2007-Apr-11 Justice/Natural Resources
2007-Apr-10 Office of Immigration