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Hansard archive for the Public Accounts committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses Audio Video
2012-May-23 Capital District Health Authority - - Nursing Overtime Costs 2012-May-23 2012-May-23
2012-May-16 Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations 2012-May-16 2012-May-16
2012-May-9 Communications Nova Scotia 2012-May-9 2012-May-9
2012-May-2 Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board 2012-May-2 2012-May-2
2012-Apr-18 Chief Information Office 2012-Apr-18 2012-Apr-18
2012-Apr-11 Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation 2012-Apr-11 2012-Apr-11
2012-Apr-4 Department of Health and Wellness 2012-Apr-4 2012-Apr-4
2012-Mar-28 Department of Agriculture 2012-Mar-28 2012-Mar-28
2012-Mar-7 Department of Service Nova Scotia & Municipal Relations 2012-Mar-7 2012-Mar-7
2012-Feb-29 Department of Finance 2012-Feb-29 2012-Feb-29
2012-Feb-22 Nova Scotia Office of Immigration 2012-Feb-22 2012-Feb-22
2012-Feb-15 Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal 2012-Feb-15 2012-Feb-15
2012-Jan-18 Office of the Auditor General 2012-Jan-18 2012-Jan-18
2012-Jan-11 Office of the Fire Marshal 2012-Jan-11 2012-Jan-11
2011-Dec-14 Department of Health and Wellness 2011-Dec-14 2011-Dec-14
2011-Nov-30 Department of Education 2011-Nov-30 2011-Nov-30
2011-Nov-23 Office of the Auditor General 2011-Nov-23 2011-Nov-23
2011-Nov-2 Department of Community Services - Early Childhood Development Services 2011-Nov-2 2011-Nov-2
2011-Oct-26 Department of Health and Wellness 2011-Oct-26 2011-Oct-26
2011-Oct-19 Department of Labour and Advanced Education 2011-Oct-19 2011-Oct-19
2011-Oct-12 Chief Information Office 2011-Oct-12 2011-Oct-12
2011-Jun-15 Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission 2011-Jun-15 2011-Jun-15
2011-Jun-8 Recruiting of International Medical Graduates 2011-Jun-8 2011-Jun-8
2011-Jun-1 Department of Health and Wellness - Family Pharmacare Program
2011-May-25 Report of the Auditor General 2011-May-25 2011-May-25
2011-May-11 Department of Environment - Nova Scotia Water Strategy 2011-May-11 2011-May-11
2011-Apr-27 Department of Justice - Maintenance Enforcement Program 2011-Apr-27 2011-Apr-27
2011-Apr-20 Department of Economic & Rural Development and Tourism - Broadband for Rural Nova Scotia 2011-Apr-20 2011-Apr-20
2011-Apr-6 Department of Justice - Lighthouses Program 2011-Apr-6 2011-Apr-6