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Hansard archive for the Public Accounts committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses
1998-Jul-8 Mr. Ralph Fiske
1998-Jun-24 Auditor General's Report (1997)/Setting the Agenda
1998-Jun-17 Mr. Ralph Fiske
1998-Jun-3 Organizational and Agenda Setting Meeting
1998-Feb-11 Nova Scotia Agricultural College/1997 Auditor General's Report
1997-Dec-3 Home Care/Emergency Health Services
1997-Nov-19 Public-Private Partnering
1997-Oct-22 Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation
1997-Oct-15 Atlantic Lottery Corporation
1997-Jul-9 1996 Auditor General's Report
1997-Apr-2 Department of Finance
1997-Feb-12 Department of Health
1997-Jan-29 Department of Health
1996-Mar-27 Emergency Health Services
1996-Mar-6 Management of Debt