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Hansard archive for the Community Services committee

Meeting Datesort ascending Witnesses
2005-Mar-31 Grandparents Rights For N.S. Association
2005-Feb-24 Forum on Family Violence
2005-Feb-24 Alternative Transportation Services Societies
2005-Jan-27 Nova Scotia Children's Aid Societies
2004-Nov-25 Department of Health Home Care and YWCA
2004-Oct-28 Valley Autism Support Team/Autism Association of N.S.
2004-Oct-14 Cost Recovery of Social Assistance Overpayments
2004-Sep-16 Community Action on Homelessness
2004-Jun-24 Forum on Family Violence
2004-Jun-10 Sackville Support Group for Parents of Acting Out Youth
2004-May-13 Women's Centres CONNECT!
2004-Apr-15 Foster Care Crisis
2004-Mar-4 Affordable Housing Program
2004-Feb-12 Transition House Assoc. of N.S.
2004-Jan-29 N.S. Children's Aid/Foster Families
2003-Dec-11 Secure Treatment Facility
2003-Nov-13 Youth in Care Newsletter Project
2003-Oct-30 Organizational/Agenda Setting
2003-Apr-24 Breast Cancer - Causation/Treatment
2003-Mar-20 Wellness Network
2002-Sep-26 Setting the Fall/Winter Agenda
2002-Jun-6 Phoenix Youth Programs
2002-May-23 Sport and Recreation Commission
2002-Mar-21 MADD (Digby Chapter)
2002-Jan-24 Senior Citizens' Secretariat
2001-Nov-29 Teen Smoking - N.S. Tobacco Strategy
2001-Nov-8 Nova Scotia Child Benefits
2001-May-31 Society for Women Healing from Addictions and Abuse (SWHAA)
2001-May-24 Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)