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The public statutes of Nova Scotia, consolidated to May 20, 1999, are available on compact disc (CD) in a searchable Folio Views® infobase from Nova Scotia Government Publications.

The CD contains all of the statutes in the Revised Statutes of Nova Scotia,1989 (including the unrevised statutes in volume 12 of the Revised Statutes) unless repealed and the public statutes subsequently in force and not repealed. The CD includes all amendments to these statutes in force as of May 20, 1999. (The statutes are also available in a 12-volume looseleaf consolidation.)

The CD will be updated periodically. The frequency and pricing of the updates will depend upon demand. Unlike many products, the CD does not become unusable on a future date, after a set period of time or after a set period of use. Changes to the statutes since release of the CD-ROM, are posted on this website.

This electronic consolidation on CD has no official status and is provided for convenience only. The formatting of this electronic version differs slightly from the printed looseleaf consolidation and from the printed and bound text. Reference should be made to the appropriate printed text where the official version is required.

The CD is sold and licensed in two versions -- a single-user version and a network version. The single-user version can be installed on any number of computers but can only be used on one computer at a time. The statutes cannot be copied to a hard drive; access to the statutes requires the CD to be in your computer's CD drive. The network version may only be installed on one computer or network server at a time but can be accessed by several users at the same time. The network version is licensed by the number of concurrent users, not the number of potential users.

Single-user licence - $100.00 plus GST (shipping extra)

Network licence - $250.00 (for up to 10 concurrent users) + $25.00 for each additional concurrent user (maximum of 127 concurrent users) plus GST (shipping extra) - It is recommended that you try the CD with 10 concurrent users before upgrading for additional users.

Shipping - inquire at Nova Scotia Government Publications

GST (Goods and Services Tax)

  • shipped to New Brunswick, Newfoundland or Nova Scotia - 15%
  • shipped to elsewhere in Canada - 7%
  • shipped outside of Canada - nil

    homepage statutes

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