Nova Scotia Statutes

The Nova Scotia statutes are produced by the Office of the Legislative Counsel in print, both in bound and, in the case of the public statutes, in both looseleaf and electronic, consolidated format. Official copies of the statutes are available from Nova Scotia Government Publications (but, for statutes from 2003 (2nd session) and subsequent sessions, see also below).


Statutes at Large (1758 to 1835) on this site

Statutes by volume (1836 to 1997) on Legislative Library site

Statutes by session or sitting 1998-99 and subsequent years on this site
       including official PDF version for 2003 (2nd session) and subsequent years
             (or in bound volumes)

Consolidated public statutes on this site
             (or in looseleaf binders)

Proclamations of Statutes (February 22, 1990, to date)
             usually updated weekly

Bilingual statutes and French translations of statutes ••• Lois bilingues et traductions françaises des lois

Legislative Process

Official Version of Statutes

Proper Citation of Statutes

Regnal Years for Statutes


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