The Nova Scotia Legislature

The House resumed on:
September 21, 2017.

Status Key

1st First Reading
2nd Second Reading
LA Law Amendments Committee
PL Private & Local Bills Committee
WH Committee of the Whole House
3rd Third Reading
RA Royal Assent
* Bill was amended in Committee

Explanatory Notes are on each Bill's individual page.

The date provided indicates the date when the bill changed status to the status shown in the left hand column.

Bills Introduced by Pat Dunn

Status No. Title Date
1st 96 Revenue Act (amended) April 21, 2015
1st 67 Revenue Act (amended) November 8, 2016
1st 71 Safer Homes Act November 10, 2016
1st 45 Safer Homes Act October 13, 2017
1st 47 School Supplies Tax Credit Act October 21, 2014
1st 10 School Supplies Tax Credit Act October 14, 2016
1st 40 Workers' Compensation Act (amended) October 11, 2017